Reflections of the way things used to be, still moving Saturday…


My eldest daughter’s graduation in 2007.

If you’ve ever lost weight, 5, 10, 100 pounds, it takes a long time (for me anyways) to actually see the changes in the mirror. Oft times I see the old me reflected back, and for a minute I think how hard I’ve worked and that I have nothing to show for it. A quick step on the fickle old hag that is the scale shows me that my hard work was not for naught, only that the reflection shown is all in my head, and that maybe over time the mirror will reflect the new me in it’s own sweet time.

Yesterday I told you about the non-scale/non-diabetic victory and my new boots. Because we have the grandbabies and my time is short, I can’t remember, nor do I have time to go back and see if I told you that I am actually above my goal currently, floating between the goal (155) and 160. Maybe I’ve told you in the past that exercise doesn’t really help the scale go down, in my case, it makes it go up and down, but mostly up. The inches though, haven’t gone up, they’ve gone down.


Faith just started walking, and she really loves getting in pics. I thought when we had our first grandbaby, I’d feel old, but she’s grandbaby number 3 and I feel way younger than when Lovely was a wee one.

I don’t really like to dwell on the past, it’s over and done with. I’ve learned in my present that I didn’t catch “da beetus” from eating ho hos and twinkies, I got it because I got it. Lots of people get diabetes, all shapes and sizes, Diabetes is really an equal opportunity disease.

There are many “complications” of diabetes, with my diabetes (type 2), I had the complication of additional body mass. People think that the fat makes us diabetic, but I was born fat, not diabetic. Having both maternal and paternal Type 2 Diabetic grandmothers pretty much meant that at least one of us grandchildren would get it, no scientificy stuff, just common sense. (scientificy stuff would probably have my at least one of us be more than one, and well, I’m too short on time to look up chances and such)

Anyways, I thought it was important to let you the reader know that people who tell you that you “caught diabetes” because you are fat or because you don’t exercise enough or because you eat a certain something, are just blowing smoke in the wind. We don’t really catch diabetes, it’s not a baseball. We just sometimes get it.

On this, the 9th day of Diabetes Awareness Month, I’d like to say love yourself, no matter your size or station. Hating myself and hurtful words of others did nothing for my diabetes and me, cutting it out of my life and realizing that memes are just silly little things people make when they are really too lazy to actually do a bit of research…

Moving on to Moving…

#Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November:

  • I was my sister, at least in the chore sense, feeding the goats, horses, pig, dogs, cats. The big cat, Pogo? chased me, then sat on his/her haunches daring me to begin chase, and chase ensued. It was fun, I was 10 again and besides, all her neighbors had already left for work lol
  • 1 minute on the speed bag just so I didn’t type about well laid plans and all
  • hit the weights (75# leg curls and then 75# leg lifts, sorry, I’m not a gym rat and do not know all the terms, so forgive me if my “terms” are different from those “in the know”) 30# lateral pull downs, 45# chest presses and curls (dumbell). Since I played, ran, and played some more, I only did 2 sets of each, 10 reps each, slowly with Maroon 5 this time.
  • Fed the chickens
  • 20 squats

Even though we have the Grandbabies, my hot husband and super daughter gave me an hour’s free time last night to watch my second hour of tv this week, Dracula. (yes, it was worth my hour). I don’t watch a lot of tv anymore, I usually read or find something else to do. For me it’s a personal thing because tv tends to hypnotize me, and when I was still watching a lot of shows (even on discovery and history) it was hard to get anything done, and well, I get a bit crazy when certain commercials come on…

Breakfast is over, the natives are getting restless. Seems my hour is up as far as typing is concerned and I am needed for diaper duty… what fun! Ok, it’s not fun, but hey, she’s walking now, and potty training will begin soon!!!


Who is that? Me? What? Where’s the yoga pants, tshirt, and vibrams? Ok, this is out of my comfort zone, but the boots are really comfy. One day when we don’t have the grandbabies I’m going to take my “out of my comfort zone” out of the house lol





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