Way back Wednesday, Moving, and didja know it’s Diabetes Awareness Month

Happy 6th day of Diabetes Awareness Month. My finger’s are crossed that it will be a nice day to go outside, catch some vitamin D, maybe get some outside moving going on. So many leaves to rake and I’ve still got a giant pumpkin leaf bag. (Update, I started writing last night, this morning though, looks like rain on the way… gonna have to move quick to beat the rain!)

I know I type a lot about how great it is to go through all the fasting, preprandials, and postprandials, keeping a food log, and working with your doc to make sure your meds are altered if needed, switched if needed, and just plain be there for support, but it’s been a long time since I told you about how my own journey had a beginning.

It was a leap of faith and quite surprising the things I learned in the beginning, so I’ll share today “The Leap of Faith” that happened not long after the conversation that saved my life. I still think myself really lucky in my journey. There were no promises to me that I would be able to control it through diet and exercise. That was up to my pancreas and how well and even if it could work. Medication is there for a reason, it is there to help us when our body is unable to work like it’s supposed to (in a perfect world and all that).

If you or someone you love is Diabetic, you should know that it is a serious disease. Do not stop taking your medications or change the dosage on your own. It was scary enough taking that leap with Dr. Christie (ok she was a Nurse Practitioner, but to me she was Dr.) on speed dial, I couldn’t imagine doing anything like that on my own.

Moving 🙂 What a coinky dink, today is also the 6th day of #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November.

November 5th

  • Put on Maroon 5, “Call and Response, The Remix”, exercised by accident (dancing) while doing laundry, dishes, and other assorted household tasks.
  • chicken doody (seriously, I stepped in some while feeding the ingrates)
  • hit the bags to “Nightmare” and “Welcome To The Family” (Avenged Sevenfold)

Since we already went way back, I might as well go way back with the exercise too and tell you that any movement is exercise. It took a long time for me to see that exercise isn’t such a scary thing, it’s all in how you look at it.


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