So I’m all excited about Moving Every Day November…

When I get a comment on my “Don’t fear the pizza…” in the form of a pingback, and I’m like what? So I click the link: and find that I got one of these:

To be honest, I never knew there were Best of the ‘Betes Blogs, but more clicks and I found out it’s been going on for quite some time. (Since June 2011)
To who ever nominated my “Don’t fear the pizza…” post, thank you, the pizza was great and anyone a’feared of pulled pork pizza, “Your Lighter Side’s” original recipe using chicken is pretty darned awesome. On another note, I did finally brave the venison and make a deer pizza.
deer pizza
Reading through all the October “Best of ‘Betes Blogs”, I saw a lot of really awesome blog posts. There are so many stories out there and I am thankful that there are so many people sharing their experience.
I read the blog that won for Best Post by a Type Awesome, and I agree, definitely Type Awesome. One mother shares her thoughts on her daughter’s “four year diaversary”.
It is a truly an honor to be included in the list of awesomeness that are Diabetic bloggers.
On this, the fifth day of Diabetes Awareness Month and Move Every Day November, I can tell you I did not hit the weights yesterday, but I moved.
  • parked in furthermost spot, gathered groceries, no cart, toted bags back to furthermost space.
  • Cleaned and swept porch, vacuumed house, fed chickens. (chores = movement = exercise)
  • toted and stacked firewood in basement 1/2 rick.

I also wondered how aware everyone is of the importance of food logs. Combined with one’s meter, they are an important tool to have in your arsenal in your fight against your diabetes. Each and every one of us are unique individuals. Testing our blood sugar prior to, one and two hours after eating is the best way to find which foods work best or which foods we might want to stay away from.

We owe it to ourselves to be better patients. We owe it to ourselves to become better educated about our own bodies so that with the help of our doctors we can find the best treatment plan suited to our individual needs.

Talking lifestyle change with the Doc can be scary, but when we show them that we are serious with a food log and a loaded meter, and progress, they tend to go from scary to supportive.

Anyways, on a final note, I did find one more thing today that I wasn’t aware of, but an interesting read none the less, and maybe another reason to get control over that blood sugar:

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