I don’t speak hashtag, but I’m moving every day November… :)

I follow Primalparkgirl’s Primal Park Life, I know, I sound like a stalker, but if you check out her blog, you too will be inclined to be a bit stalkish too. Anyways, the other day she had this post: http://primalparkgirl.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/the-fitness30-aka-move-every-day-november/ about  #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November, I figured that while I’m not familiar with hashtags, primal and my diabetes work very well together and I could still Move Every Day November.

I really like the idea of moving every day. I remember though once upon a time, I did not like it. Had someone double-dawg dared me to move every day for a certain month, I would have had to do something though.

You may also think about how November is also Diabetes awareness month, but did you think about how movement helps us in our fight against our own diabetes? Yeah, I’ve told you how exercise and movement aren’t really great for weight loss when you are a scale-atarian, but exercise is great for stress relief, building up stamina, and just plain making us feel good. It helps our bodies to use up that blood sugar and maybe help our levels decrease overtime when combined with JERFing to our meters.

Exercise/movement is commonly thought of as tough, something that we don’t really want to do because it’s hard. We’ve seen the ads for Crossfit, Jillian Michaels, Tae bo, (did I even spell that right and do people still do it?) it looks tough, all that grunting and sweating.

The good news is though, that any movement can be exercise, and any movement is better than no movement. Make a plan this month to not only be aware of your own diabetes eating to your meter, but add a little movement to your arsenal, wage your own war.

Even though my first two posts of November were not about moving, I was moving. While my November 1st sounds like goofing, it was serious exercise.

  • followed my sister around with pen and pad taking notes
  • chasing Amos and Noah (goats) just to see what they look like when they run
  • backing away from Moose’s big paws
  • walking, to the barn, to Bubba’s field, to Lacy’s field, to the barn, to the round pen, to the house, last parking spot at Kroger’s and Walmart for 50% off Halloween….
  • hit the bags, hit the weights, get a second wind after dinner and do it again.

My sister is going out of town for a few days next week. She has got me some twice a day movement planned out. The funny thing is that she doesn’t even know about Move Every Day November, she just moves everyday anyways.

November 2. OOPS> kidding, I moved. I moved a lot. It probably doesn’t look like much, but here goes:

  • Took down Halloween decor, including spider webs (2 hours) and packed all that would fit into the tote.
  • Raked straw for the chickens
  • hit the weights

November 3:

  • got another tote and packed up all the decorations that wouldn’t fit
  • Unstuffed the coveralls and took the straw to the chicken yard for the egg boxes
  • “Labored” for His Hotness (loaded the wagon with bricks, towed them to where the chimney is going, repeat)
  • hit the bags, hit the weights.

Today I’ve got errands to run, so I’ll be parking in the furthermost spot when I stop. Since I hit the weights three days in a row and even though my girly workout is pretty girly when it comes to weights (55 legs, 30 and 45 arms), I still like to take a break every couple to three days so my girly muscles can get a little rest.

So here goes, I double dawg dare you all to move every day November with me and the rest of the folks who are doing the #Fitness30 a.k.a. Move Every Day November. Even if it’s taking the stairs a couple flights instead of an elevator, parking further back than normal, or playing a game on Wii sports, do a little something to move every day. Check your blood sugar each day, upon rising, before and one and two hours after meals, at bedtime, see for yourself how just a little extra movement makes for a little lower readings.

While it is great and wonderful to have Diabetes Awareness Month, making the public aware, we must also strive to make ourselves, the Diabetics aware of every thing great or small that could help in our own fight against our Diabetes.


6 thoughts on “I don’t speak hashtag, but I’m moving every day November… :)

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    • Yes, that’s it, I could not remember his name. I remember wanting to do those moves and trying along with the commercial, only to give up really before starting further giving credit to my whole “exercise is too hard” years. If only current sight back then were as accurate as hind sight is now.

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