Twas the morn after Halloween and all through the yard…

Last night was a blast. A complete and utter success! Awesome and Fabulous are a couple of words that are not nearly strong enough to describe our Halloween evening.


Ok, it doesn’t look too scary in daylight…

Halloween started easy enough, it was an early dismissal day at school, so when I picked May up, it was “game on”. We goofed around, taking pics of some random costumes we had gotten at the Super Saturday Sale at Goodwill for a song.


mask .50 cents and wig for a dollar, it glows in the dark and was going to be used as decor, but we ran out of coveralls to stuff with straw.


Super cool alien costume $2.00 at the Super Saturday Sale

By the time we finished goofing around, we realized it was only 1:30 pm, so we goofed around some more. May wanted to use my computer to watch some videos, so I let her. I figured she was watching those One Direction guys, but she wasn’t. She was doing her own version of “Frugal Halloween”, and I’m thinking she did awesome!!


May made her decaying skin out of makeup and some kleenex, she’s awesome. She was a Zuman, half zombie, half human. She wore her last year’s Winter Formal dress with a sash made out of “Zombie Zone” tape.

Our friends across the street loaned May their Freddy Kruger costume, but there was a last minute “I think I’m going to be something else”, and well, Sir Hots-A-Lot didn’t really want to be a vampire in make up anyways.

I guess I should tell you the plan, it was a great plan, but like all well made plans, there are always things to consider like “I don’t wanna be Henry VIII, I don’t wanna wear tights”. So I got him a cape and fangs for Dracula, but more last minute changes ended up with the ghost of Anne Boleyn hanging out with Freddy Kruger, the Zuman, and Mysterious Cowboy instead.


This is us being scary


The fog machine was pretty awesome. This is the Zuman coming out of the fog.


Freddy lost his dream cred from us anyways, when he adopted the new technology lol


Freddy met his match when he found out he couldn’t scare a ghost…


We had a visit from the Mysterious Cowboy


Granddaddy came by to hang out with us on the porch. He wasn’t scared of the Zuman.


“Freddy” needed a break, so he goofed around with a wig.


I got my dress at Goodwill for $5.99, what a bargain!


One, two, Freddy’s coming for you, three, four, better lock the door…

Halloween was a blast. I haven’t had this much fun since childhood. We sat on the porch making fog, blasting the spooky CD, and laughing a lot. A couple hours later we got our first couple of trick or treaters. An hour later, we got two more for a total of four. The news was calling for bad storms, so I’m guessing a lot of kids stayed in. Most of the surrounding counties postponed Halloween until tonight, so maybe more will show up tonight. Either way, even with only four trick or treaters, we had a blast. We spent an evening with family, on the porch, having fun, and didn’t even miss watching TV or being on the computer.


We didn’t get the rain until later, but we got lots of wind. The alien’s cape blew in the wind and made us giggle.

Anyways, Halloween is over, well, until tonight when we may have an instant replay just in case there were some kids who didn’t get to go because of weather last night.

On a serious note, today starts Diabetes Awareness Month. I would like take this time to let you know that while Diabetes is a life sentence, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. I control my diabetes by controlling what I eat and my activity level. Two and a half years ago, I was given a second chance at life and started waging war on my diabetes. I want to let you know that you don’t have to suffer through the complications of diabetes, like me and many others on the same journey, you too can wage your own war on your diabetes. Your meter is your best weapon in your fight, use it often to see which foods are helping and which foods are harming, don’t let Type 2 Diabetes take away your quality of life.


One last pic and I’m off to my sister’s to talk “bacon seeds”. Seems my niece has the scoop on a couple of piglets, YUM!



2 thoughts on “Twas the morn after Halloween and all through the yard…

  1. Great pics! What a riot! All I needed was some background Halloween music! Great costumes. Loved the toilet paper trick skin trick! We had a nice time, too. The kids danced around in the living room to Thriller with glow sticks in the dark. Until the glow sticks started cracking open from being swung around so fast! Lights on, no carpet stain. Light off, green glowing carpet!

    • Thank you 🙂 That does sound like fun! The high school used to do a performance of “Thriller” each Halloween for the kids, they would come through the audience and have the wee ones howling. (The video still spooks me lol) Have a great weekend.

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