Except for when it doesn’t…

LCHF, JERFing, Paleo, Primal, Atkins, Wheat Belly, they all pretty much work for weight loss. Chances are if you found something akin to any of them, you are eating more nutritionally dense food rather than snickers bars and doritos, therefore losing weight.

Some groups tout the claims that you don’t need to exercise, you can eat as much of the “clean” foods as you like, basically up your fat and the weight will fall off, it works, look how many of us did just that.

Except for when it doesn’t work. What happens when we are doing everything right, taking the advice of the ones before us and maybe things just aren’t working out like we’d like them to.

I told you the other day about some things that we can do when the scale isn’t liking us, but what about the part where it’s supposed to just melt the fat, I upped my fat intake, calories don’t matter, except for when they do…

Ok, you got me, there is no such thing as a calorie to your body (gnolls.org, use google, the regulars are tired of me posting the link) but there is certainly a such thing as eating too much.

If someone were to ask my opinion on their lack of weight loss doing LCHF and tell me “I’m only eating 800 calories a day”, chances are, I would say “you’re probably not eating enough then.” But on a LCHF nutrient dense lifestyle/diet/what have you, chances are one is eating a bit more than 800 calories a day, so telling people they aren’t eating enough is not really a good universal bit of advice.

There is a fine line between burning fat that we eat and body fat. If we are eating too often, say every 2 hours because some government sanctioned group told us that that is the best for blood sugar regulation, well, then think for a moment, ask yourself this, when is there not food in my system?  What happens if I don’t eat every two hours?

Eating every couple hours sounds good in theory, for some, the total food consumed equals less than three squares, and if it’s working for you, work it. For some though, it can end up in consuming way more food than those old three squares did, and well, what did we learn?

Hunger and habit are hard to distinguish sometimes. Because I have a hard time not repeating myself, I will once again type that our glucose meter is our easy button. Say we eat breakfast at 10:00 am. Two hours later, when we should be testing our postprandial numbers, we’re already cooking up lunch. Does anyone see the problem?

The problem is this: We eat. One hour later we check our blood sugar. Two hours later we check our blood sugar. In that two hour time, if we are still at say 130 (just an example spewed forth from my fingers), maybe we should re-think the whole “Feed me Seymour” and maybe not eat?

Regular blood sugar is great. Regular blood sugar above the “damage line” (some say 120, some say 140, better safe than sorry IMHO) is not great. For many years, I ate at breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, and snacked as needed. The clock determined my hunger, turning my stomach into nothing more than a receptacle, hunger pangs may as well have been habit pangs.

Using your meter can help you to tell if you really need that every two hour feeding. In the olden days (our 5yo granddaughter called me an old lady this morning, which is fine because I asked how old is old and she said 12) only infants were fed that often, snacks were un-heard of…

Anyways, while really I believe with my heart and soul that it is not as simple as calories in, calories out, I also believe that we can over eat, under-move, and just plain stop losing weight for no particular reason. Weight loss is not so cut and dry a math problem as it is a person problem. We are all unique individuals who do not fit the one size fits all weight loss mold. Use your meters often, keep a food log, try a few baby steps with exercise.

Though it’s not always easy to find your way, your way is out there waiting, use your meter as your guide.





2 thoughts on “Except for when it doesn’t…

    • Yeah, for me eating less more often ended in more eating over all. Sometimes I like to look at old pictures where people just ate when they were hungry because they had hungry switches back then. No doubt they would be shaking their heads and maybe even snickering a bit to see how well this thing we call progress is working.

      Then again, it has worked out pretty well for the snack industry (ha ha). Have a great day 🙂

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