The scale is not moving, what gives?

Winter is coming, holidays are near, people maybe wanting lose that county fair deep fried twinkie gains after successfully or not successfully getting into that two piece back in the summer or not, maybe they just want to look cute for holiday pics, who knows? So many folks talking about the scale is either stuck, not moving fast enough, or maybe even moving in the wrong direction.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen me type the scale is a fickle old hag, but one measure of success, yada yada yada. You may think that I am a scale hater, and well, I really neither hate nor love the scale, it’s simply a tool used to let me know if I’m still in my five pound window of weightortunity.

Five pound what? For me, five pounds is that magical variance in weight that my scale shows me at any given time. The five pounds varies as to how much water I drink, if I’m working out like a boss, or if maybe I consumed something that does not work with my body and my belly is swole up like a basketball (thank you pork wontons a few months ago, I’m 90 days wonton sober btw).

Like me, there are many things that can interfere with the scales interpretation of our weight. Things I’ve listed that do it for me, and also things I neglected like TOM, stress, hidden sugars/starches, carb creep, to name a few.

While I haven’t been actively trying to lose any weight since making goal, I did actively try to lose weight before I got there. In my horrors (ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, it’s pert near Halloween) my weight loss was not a straight shot down like some plane falling off the radar in the Bermuda Triangle. My weight loss was more like watching my mom’s dog Casper, up and down and all around, mixed up with some weeks that dragged into months of nothing.

I asked myself the normal questions like

  • how are my fasting glucose readings?
  • what are my postprandials?
  • am I eating more carbs than I think?
  • am I just plain eating too much?
  • am I over thinking it?

I’ve told you before that our glucose monitors are the most important tool in our arsenal. Focus on the numbers and the weight will follow. That doesn’t mean we lose each week, but the more our blood glucose improves, the less we store fat by proxy and if we’re not storing more fat, it’s something else.

I used fatsecret as my food log of choice when I started Atkins. I admit that I’ve been pretty lax about tracking food, but in the early days it helped me to see that net carbs are fictional for me. If you are counting net carbs, not losing, and it’s been several weeks, maybe count total carbs?

Fatsecret also helped me to see (along with my glucose meter and my bowels) that maltitol and I were not compatible. It was there for me when I had to break up with milled flax seed in the form of “low carb wraps and tortillas”.

Anyways, if you are actively trying to lose and it’s just not coming off, try a couple of things, stop all low carb, gluten free, this or that processed what ever it is, if it is. See what happens. If you’re not eating sugar free candy or any other processed thing, well, maybe give up dairy for a week (lots of people have problems with dairy, some even are able to re-introduce it down the line, it’s really not the end of the world).

Time and patience worked for me in making goal. It took 2 years to make goal, and I’ve been in maintenance for six months now. The best advice I ever got when the scale tried to bring me down was to invest in a tape measure.





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