Busy week in pictures

Last weekend, our next door neighbors had the hickory tree cut down. We’ve had a love hate relationship with that tree for almost fourteen years. (ok, it was all hate, the squirrels littering the drive, nuts falling on cars) It wasn’t until it was gone that I realized the love part. I do miss the shade in the afternoons 🙂

Our neighbor counted the rings and came up with 45. The old hickory tree was about a year older than me. It was huge. The tree guys took the topmost branches, but left the trunk and big branches behind. Seems someone has enough fuel for the smoker for at least a year. The tree also has made for a good workout.


This is my stack after the re-stack. At first stack, I only had round wood and well, it was a safety hazard. I fixed it by tearing it down and building it back up.


The log splitter came in handy, the trunk pieces were huge, the wood was wet, the axe only bounced.

I was a bit sore after a couple days of stacking and re-stacking, so I gathered kindling. (And I must point out that all those stacks of 4″x4″s in the background of the above pic are the ghosts of workouts past, so easy to stack)


I loaded up my wagon with the sticks left in the neighbor’s yard. It was pouring down rain, so I dumped them, spread them out a bit, and let the dry the past couple days.

Since I had the wood stacked and my kindling drying, I made a second trip to find a book. I got a wee bit distracted though and ended up with spooky ookies…


the storm door got splattered 🙂


Any guesses on who’s ghost I’m going to be?


my spooky accessories.


Have I said how much I love goodwill? The shrunken head witch and her outfit was $2.00, I just had to get a coat hanger out of the closet… The skeleton was also $2.00 for the costume and the bucket head, plus a coat hanger out of the closet.

Since the week had gone so well, I decided to give Bella a bath. We both lived. I do not understand how a house cat who never goes outside can get a flea, but she did and well, she had to be bathed. She forgave me after I fixed her some chicken livers.


She wanted to shred me, but did not so much as scratch. I think she wanted that flea gone just as bad as me!!



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