Statins do not help you live longer – or do anything much else for that matter

Because this is really that important.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Sometimes you read a thing quickly, and then you have to read it again to make sure you read it right. Yesterday I was sent a copy of a ‘Patient page’ from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  The page was from the April 3rd 2013 edition, pp 1419. It is stamped ‘JAMA – copy for your patients’. JAMA is one of the highest impact medical journals in the world.

This patient page states that:

‘One question involves disagreement about whether the statin side effects are merely uncomfortable or actually pose significant health risks. The other question is whether reducing bad cholesterol will actually help you live longer than you otherwise would. Some of this disagreement involves how physicians interpret the results of studies. However, a 2010 analysis combined the results of 11 studies and found that taking statins did not lower the death…

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5 thoughts on “Statins do not help you live longer – or do anything much else for that matter

  1. Thanks very much for the link to Seneff. I had not seen her presentation before (perhaps because it appeared very shortly before I took a statin ‘holiday’ with, more-or-less the acceptance of my French GP. I soon made the ‘holiday’ permanent. She was less happy about that, but can’t argue with the improvements in my lipids and, more importantly, real health.

    I had previously spent a year or two researching and had found more than enough evidence that my rosuvastatin (Crestor 5mg) was possibly/probably responsible for an increasing array of problems: neuropathy, memory problems, difficulty walking, balance problems, minimal D3 (9ng/ml!!) probably due to melavonate pathway interference, and much more…

    Seneff’s powerpoint is absolutely brilliant (if too technical for many, but should be great for doctors). I will certainly promote it, especially to my doctors, of which I still have too many.

    • So happy to hear of your improvements. I hadn’t really thought of balance being affected by statins (I was taking simvastatin a few years ago), but looking back and taking into consideration the here and now, I guess maybe I wasn’t so much clumsy back then.

      My biggest complaint about the statin to my doc was the muscle pain. I kept asking him if they are causing problems in the muscle of my shoulders and legs, how were they not causing a problem with the most important muscle, my heart?

    • Hopefully with new evidence, things will start to change. Dr. Kruse once said that we as patients should be foot soldiers for our doctors. So, when my doc wanted to put me back on statins last year, I printed off all the available information (Stephanie Seneff “how statins work explains why they don’t work” and others, that one is just the one I enjoyed most) and took them when we went over the labs and talked. (my ratios are on target and Triglycerides 58) Anyways, I know my doc doesn’t have time to read everything about every condition and new stuff that comes up, well unless he lives at the office. We as patients really should learn all we can about our conditions/medications/lifestyles and maybe help our docs help us without a pill for everything.

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