Parting is such sweet sorrow, the last pack of bacon…


Ends and pieces, saved the best for last maybe?

I wish I could have seen the expression on my face when I opened the freezer to discover we were out of bacon. Sure, I can go to the store and buy bacon, but it won’t be the same. I have to admit that raising some bacon up from bacon seeds has left me spoiled. After a little hide and seek I did manage to find a pack of bacon ends.

I didn’t want the bacon ends to go out with a fizzle, so I decided to play Iron Chef Greenbrier and just fly by the seat of my pants.


It’s easier to chop from a semi frozen state.

After chopping the bacon, I fried it. I enjoyed a few chunks of goodness as I thought about what to do next. The plan was to make meatloaf, so I had ground beef thawed. Our gardening neighbor had just brought a boatload of banana peppers over, so I figured what the heck? Bacon cheeseburger banana peppers sounded like a good idea.

1 pound ground beef, 1 cup sharp cheddar shredded, 2 handfuls of cooked bacon chunks, black pepper, glove up, squish around, set aside.


Half a bunch of peppers longways (I should have counted, start with 10, you can half more later) and remove seeds and membranes. Grab a hunk of meat mix and stuff in the cavity. Bake in a 375° oven for 25-30 minutes. I mixed some mayo, sour cream, and horse radish for topping mine, the family used ketchup and mustard.


These were a pretty good send off for the last of the bacon. I didn’t get any points for presentation, but they made up for it in tasty goodness…

I had a few to break my fast today, 30 seconds in the microwave and breakfast was served.

I left a couple fistfuls of bacon and all the drippings* in the skillet, chopped up some cabbage and tossed it in. (*home grown bacon is less fatty than store bought bacon, my all the drippings was about 2 Tablespoons from the entire pound)


I used a small head of cabbage, cored, and chopped.

Add a pan full of cabbage over medium heat, wilt it down, add a bit more. Once you have it all wilted, add a little fresh cracked black pepper, turn it down to low, and put a top on it. The condensation will keep it moist. Let it cook for about 20 minutes.


Ok, it’s not real perdy either, but fried cabbage is good stuff.

Looking back, I think the last of the bacon had a pretty good send off. I’ve still got some peppers and cabbage left, so I’m not in full blown lack of bacon depression, yet. < that was a joke.

The plan for tomorrow is to pick up a new book. I had such a hard time putting City of Bones down, that I’ve got to get City of Ashes. I’ll probably pick up some bacon while we’re out. Michael is off, so maybe he will drive and I can take more pictures of eye candy, see, I’ve forgotten about bacon already…


Last weekday he had off, he drove as I drooled….





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