And then there were Brussels sprouts…

I remember getting comfort from a pint of Ben and Jerry’s double fudge brownie several years ago and thinking back I don’t really remember it solving any problems or making me feel better (after the feeding frenzy).

It’s been a long time since I’ve really thought about “comfort foods” as far as my WOE (way of eating), but that changed last night. I’m quite comfortable in my skin, my home, with my family, so while I didn’t really need comfort, I accidentally fell into it.

I guess I should have felt guilty about my consumption of such a comforting dish as I retired to the front porch with my cup of chai latte, but I didn’t. Heck, I didn’t even realize the comforting potential until I’d been sitting there a few minutes and thought to myself “if we had a do over in regards to comfort food, it’d make the list”.

Like most of my thoughts, when left to the influence of fresh air, birds singing, and the overall beauty that is nature, they wandered, morphing if you will into memories of my grandmother’s mac and cheese, rolls, dressing, all the wonderful things she makes on the holidays and how comforting they were before I realized it wasn’t the food, it was the family that gave me comfort, but I digress, my title promises Brussels sprouts and you shall have them…

Step 1: Gather some Brussels sprouts. If you have access to a farmer’s market, opt for fresh, if not, frozen was my choice, the “fresh” ones at the grocery looked pretty drab.

Step 2: Thaw if needed, and slice each one in half. I used a large handful.

Step 3: Warm up a skillet large enough for your desired amount of sprouts and add a bit of bacon grease, get it melty and tilt the pan so that it is well lubed.

Step 4: Add sprouts, cut side down, salt and pepper as desired and let them sizzle.


I like to get them a little seared because it makes them taste even yummier.

I had them on medium high (7), after several minutes, I flipped them and cooked them for several minutes more.


There is a fine line between a little sear and burning. Crossing that line would most likely make one uncomfortable, and we don’t want that 🙂

After searing them, I thought how lovely they smell and really they looked quite tasty. I would have had no problem eating them as is, but then I thought about the meat jelly….

Meat jelly? Yes, meat jelly, don’t worry, it’s simple really, just bone broth that has been put in the fridge, it chills and gels. It’s made a great cold lunch on the hot days we’ve had lately and well, I couldn’t keep it in the fridge forever. (In case you missed my ham bone broth recipe earlier this year, here is the link: )

Step 5: Add 2 ladles of meat jelly, let it get melty, and simmer the sprouts for about 5 or so minutes.


When I plan on cooking with bone broth, I do not strain it. I like the meaty bits.

I had baked a chicken last night, and it was so dry that I put my portion back and opted for another serving of the sprouts with all the meaty goodness that ended up in the pan. I giggled for a bit thinking about how close that dry chicken had me to crossing the line into vegetarianism, but the salty, melt in your mouth bits of ham brought me back to my senses, and I realized that while I could live without dry chicken, I don’t think I’d have as great of a quality of life without animal proteins and that maybe I’d just stick to spatch-cocking or smoking my chickens from now on…


On a plate, straight out of the pan, with a fork or fingers, it didn’t matter, these made my taste buds tingly…

After a bit of rest and relaxation on the porch, I was pulled from my thoughts into the kitchen and the warmth of dish water. I looked at the skillet still sitting on the stove with a few halved sprouts. For a moment I thought about putting them in the fridge, but only for a moment. My original plan was to have a spoon of peanut butter with a bit of dark chocolate, but that plan sounded pale after those sprouts, so I changed the plan and opted for the sprouts. While there is probably no scientific evidence to support the comfort level of these sprouts in relation to the comfort of chocolate and peanut butter, my taste buds were quite happy and I was feeling all warm and cozy…


8 thoughts on “And then there were Brussels sprouts…

  1. I didn’t even know what a Brussels Sprout was until I met my husband. I know eat them, but I’ve totally been doing it wrong!

    • I love them so much, don’t think I’ve ever tasted a bad one. We picked up a jar of pickled Brussels sprouts at the Amish market a while back and they were so good too. Have a great day 🙂

  2. I was looking at brussels sprouts at my grocery store last night. It was only one wrapped packed in the produce section and it looked way past due. I didn’t even think about frozen sprouts. I’ve been trying to squeeze them into my diet. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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