That was awesome Memaw!

After spending an hour in Nashville traffic we arrived at the day care and picked up the girls. They may have been just a bit excited because we heard them calling out “Aunt Nay, Memaw” before we even got through the door. (Diamond has been calling May Nay since she was a wee toddler and couldn’t say May)

It was pretty cool that the drive home from Nashville wasn’t near as bad as the the trip there. I’m thinking that the few good drivers left in Nashville were fleeing with what was left of their sanity. Talking to my sister though let me know that it is that bad every Friday, which makes me really wish someone would hurry up and invent a teleporter so that I could just avoid it all together.

We were pulling onto our street when Mr. Wonderful called. He had just made coffee and was just wondering how far off we were. He was also sitting on the porch waiting when we pulled in the drive and scored some extra brownie points that he traded in for a foot long corndog and nachos later in the evening (without any comments from yours truly).

The girls were really excited to see Pepaw, even Faith. Faith is eleven months old and doesn’t much care for men. I don’t know if it’s the wiskers scratchy on her cheeks when she gets hugs and kisses or if she just has the entire male race on probation until she decides they are worthy of her giggles. Either way, she threw her arms up for him to pick her up, he had wiskers, but she still giggled when he gave her kisses.

Pepaw didn’t have to ask twice about going to the fair. The girls (me included) were ready in about five minutes. It was still pretty hot and humid, so we just changed clothes and didn’t worry about hair and make-up that would only get all melty droopy in the first five minutes anyways.

We stopped at the store and got the last under $50.00 stroller they had left, and then hit the fairgrounds. First on the agenda were pony rides.


I don’t think she stopped smiling!


This one is always smiling

Even though my hot husband had taken me out for lunch earlier since he had the day off, we were pert near starving from just watching the girls ride the ponies. We got lucky and found a half a table under the tents and he watched the girls while May and I rounded up vittles. 1 footlong corndog, 1 hotdog, 1 slice of pepperoni pizza, 1 order of sliced pickles, a coke, diet coke, sprite, and a sweet tea. I got pretty lucky on the way to the pizza vendor when I saw that Whitt’s Barbecue were there with smoked chicken wings, so I got a pound. It must be the atmosphere of the fair that makes things taste so good, but I swear the chicken wings were not that tasty the last time I went to Whitt’s. I did end up trading May a chicken wing for one fried pickle chip, and quickly realized that I got the raw end of the deal, the fair atmosphere couldn’t even make that batch of pickles tasty…YUCK! (maybe they were leftovers?)

Next stop, the carousel . May offered to ride with the big girls while Pepaw and I hung out with Faith, taking pictures.


Lovely doesn’t just pose for the camera, she’s like that in real life too. Diamond is not as shy as she used to be, so she was cheesin’ too.

Dr William Davis has a point about the whole wheat/grains making one hungry. It may have been five minutes since Michael finished his corndog and one chicken wing when he said he was starving and going to grab some nachos. I didn’t say a word, I was still swooning over the whole coffee made when I got home and how great of a Pepaw he is, that he could have eaten a funnel cake topped with powdered sugar and fried apples with no nagging by me.


“Ah, Pepaw, my hero, got me some nachos do ya?”


She really wanted some nachos, but I told Pepaw and her that she also needed about eight more teeth first.

After the carousel, May wanted to ride a real ride. She came across this one that went fast, forward, backwards, swinging cars, did I mention fast?


“I’ll ride with you Nay”, and no, I couldn’t believe it was Diamond that said it…

Lucky for the sanity of Memaw and Pepaw the girls were too short for the “real ride”. I hadn’t ridden anything other than the carousel in like a gazillion years, so I said “I’ll ride it” and then I heard what I said, but I couldn’t really un-say it. It was loud, fast, and for a minute I thought my chicken wings were going to be revisited, but we survived. Walked a bit wobbly for a bit, but it was all good.

I took the girls to ride the four wheelers and helicopters while Dad took May to ride some crazy swinging pirate ship that I was not even going to open my mouth about. Faith and I watched while Lovely and Diamond had a blast.


This year she was too small.


They liked this one the most, until the next one.

After we met back up with Pepaw and Aunt May, we found a tug boat ride that was kinda like the “real ride” pirate ship, so Lovely and Diamond convinced me to ride with them.


Aside from holidays and birthdays, I don’t think I’ve seen the girls have had this much fun!

“This is awesome Memaw” was the first thing Lovely said when the tug boat started twisting and sliding. “Yeah it is!” Diamond agreed, as we threw our hands in the air and hollered “Awesome” as loud as we could. I felt like a big kid, so I know they were feeling pretty happy.

As we were departing the tugboat, Lovely jumped up in the air and said “That was AWESOME Memaw!” with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

I had really forgotten the awesomeness that is the fair. For a bunch of years, I was too big, or had too many health complications to ride anything other than the carousel. It really made me think about how silly it was to fear losing weight because of my batwingaphobia, because like hair color, batwings do not equate to fun factor.



2 thoughts on “That was awesome Memaw!

  1. Fun times! We took two of our grandchildren to the county fair last weekend! It was great! In a few weeks we will go to the state fair with all five (and their parents)!

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