I’ve Learned to be Happy

So when I told you about how time, patience, and perseverance paid off for me in the form of being able to do something just because I can, I clicked on publish and realized it was my 99th post. It gave me such giggle fits to share it on facebook and say “I just published my 99th post because I can”, and because sillies and giggles are something I strive to accomplish on a daily basis, I started thinking omg the next is 100 and I have no idea what to write for a 100th post.

Sometime after my 45th cup of kona (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, it was closer to 2nd), I got to thinking about how 100 things isn’t really a lot in this day and age, you can’t buy much with 100 pennies and all, but 100 posts? That’s just crazy to me.

One day in a private group on Facebook, a friend of mine said “you’re just preaching to the choir, why don’t you start a blog?” when I had shared or complained about the latest this or that way to cure diabetes or obesity, or what ever by sprinkling this or popping that, fairy dust, snake oil, what have you. She said “It’ll be easy”, she was right, you just make an account and bam, you’ve got a blog. She didn’t tell me how hard it is to come up with something regular to write about.

Maybe it was six posts into this whole blogging thing and I had already run out of things to tell you about my journey. I was tired of writing about the same things over and over, so I ventured out a bit, shared some recipes, started telling you about the awesome stuff (to me) that I do now that I’m not sick and tired anymore. Sometimes I tell you about silly little things like my sordid affair with Adam Levine because when you give silly little things like dancing in your kitchen a try, you find that silly = happy and happy = good.

I’ve learned a lot of things in my journey. I think I may have even found myself along the way. While my journey is on-going, I do not long for the end, but only the experience of enjoying it every chance I get.

Stress has been one of my biggest hurdles to overcome. Always being one who would sweat the small stuff so much that the big picture was never in focus, it’s been tough. I had to learn to laugh at life’s little blunders and just let go of things out of my control. Speaking of laughter, I laugh a lot now-a-days, sometimes I even make Michael and May laugh. I’m thinking the laughter is a big help with stress. It’s free, it makes you feel good, it’s contagious, pass it around.

I’ve lost the blinders I once wore constantly, and I’ve learned to love more deeply, I’ve learned to love myself. I think forgiving myself for letting myself become my old self was key to learning that I was worthy of my own love. I’ve learned to be happy. I like happy.


This is me trying out brunette, it makes me feel happy. I tried out being a red head last month and it made me feel happy too. In 42 years of being blonde, I can honestly tell you that hair color does not equal “fun factor”.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Learned to be Happy

  1. You look great! I am a natural blonde never colored. I honestly can say I have never noticed a “fun factor” difference either. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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