A Great Weekend

It all started Friday night, we went to El Molcajete for dinner. We had forgotten to stop and get May and me some pork skins for the salsa, so I ordered some ceviche.


I was breathing fire by the time my entree came…

The ceviche was really hot, in a good way, and I managed to eat more than half before our excellent waiter (they are few and far between in this area) delivered our entrees.


This is May’s fajitas. Looks like a meat salad, right? No need for totrillas when you’ve got a fork 🙂

I got the steak molcajete and Michael got a combination of things.


I love this!

The steak molcajete was great, but since I said “Man, this octopus is good” May stopped sharing the ceviche after a couple of bites. I pushed through the jalepeño flames of death and finished the ceviche by myself. I tried to tell her I was kidding, that there was no octopus, but I didn’t push, ya know with more for me and all. 🙂

After the ceviche I could only handle a few bites of the molcajete so I brought the bulk of it home and decided to end a lovely evening with a glass of wine.


I call it Hot Husband vintage 2012 because he made it.

Michael’s home made wine goes well with 85% dark chocolate, so I had a half ounce to go with it, read a few chapters of James Patterson’s Beach House, and called it a night.

The next morning I woke up, and while I wasn’t thinking about my diabetes at the time, it’s second nature to check my blood glucose, so I did.


Not too shabby, eh?

I do remember the days of fasting glucose being in the triple digits. I don’t miss those days at all! It feels good to awaken refreshed, especially when the plan is to scoop up the grandbabies.


Lovely, Diamond, and Faith.

After May and I went to Nashville and came back with the girls, we were ready to have some fun. Since I had somehow managed to lose a few pounds, I was taking the day off from exercise. Chasing grandbabies, playing outside, and toting wee ones is still kinda a workout, and after a couple of hours I was feeling it. The girls took care of my yard work for me.


Diamond got to water first so she was a pro, following Lovely around and telling her how to water everything.

After a little more play time it was dinner time. The girls wanted chips and salsa, steak and rice, so it was off to Jose’s for dinner. Since we had pretty much had our fill Friday night, with leftovers still in the fridge, Micheal, Faith and I shared the Jose’s special fajitas. Faith did a good job eating my part of the rice and beans. She’s 11 months old now and has a bunch of new teeth. She was pretty satisfied with her dinner because she was sleeping like a baby by 8:30pm. How she slept through the running, jumping, slamming of cabinets, and girly giggles, I don’t know, but she did and it was awesome!

Sunday morning came and with it came a fasting blood glucose of 79. I should have taken a picture, but breakfast for 5 is a bit more work than breakfast for 3, so I was a little busy.


Faith and I shared a plate, Lovely and Diamond gave her their left over eggs. She passed out while I collected the dishes.

After Faith went back to bed, we sat on the porch and ate peanuts. We made the biggest mess, throwing the shells on the floor and laughing. The girls played some more and pretty soon it was time to take them home.

I’m thinking they had a little fun because by the time we got to Mommy’s house, they were all snoozin’.

After taking them home, May went to hang out with some friends, so Michael and I went down to his mom and dad’s to pick up a ham for dinner tonight. (we still haven’t gotten the new freezer, so we have pig parts in their freezer)

Michael found an old horse and buggy whip and we goofed around and I still ended up getting some nice sassafras for some tea to go with “Dexter”. Jan and Jr. came outside and we talked and laughed. We headed home and grilled some chops for dinner, it was all good. Since Michael doesn’t like sassafras tea, I made myself a cup. He also isn’t really a Dexter fan, so I watched Dexter while he watched football, sounds fair to me 🙂


He was like a kid with a new toy, laughing and carrying on. I thought it would be a nice husband keeper in liner, so I tried it, but only kept hitting myself, so we put it back up.

There are remnants of the weekend all over the house. I can’t help but laugh about how much fun we had. It’s going to be a busy day, putting everything back in it’s place and hosing down the outside toys. I really don’t have time for my diabetes today, so I’m glad that my fasting was 84 this morning.



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