Today is a good day

Really, when you aren’t suffering from the symptoms of T2D, all days are pretty good. Today is especially good because the sun is shining, it’s nice outside, and I have a new to me book that I picked up at Goodwill yesterday, so I’m taking my coffee, my book, and myself outside for a bit of fresh air and some vitamin D.


Back when I was losing weight like a rock star, I would take all my too big clothes to Goodwill and buy “new” clothes there.

Books are important because they exercise your noggin. I’m particular about my books in that I prefer the paper and page turning. I have a problem with dirty pages, so books also make nice distractions from eating out of boredom. Can’t read with dirty fingers touching those pages.

After I finish exercising my noggin, I’m going to play with the new toy my hot husband brought home the other day.


I love this thing, it is so fun, it is not exercise though, anything this enjoyable surely can’t be exercise, right? (wrong, I sweated like a pig yesterday)

The new toy is huge. We I ended up moving the weight bench back into the living room because this behemoth took up pert near the entire room. (We did get to leave the sexy lamp and the gun cabinet in place)


The sexy lamp…


Sir Hot a lot built this gun cabinet many moons ago when we first moved up here. Can’t even tell that his preferred medium is stone and brick.


Even moving the paint buckets out didn’t leave room for the new toy.

Any movement is better than no movement. Find something you like to do and you will keep on doing it. Remember you can’t out exercise a bad diet, so Just Eat Real Food!


11 thoughts on “Today is a good day

  1. I’m so envious of that bag! I’m sure my husband can put one up, but the ceiling may cave in. Boxing is not only a great exercise, but builds up confidence (the dude who tries to mess up with you will surely regret it).

    • I was nervous about that when we first talked about getting one, with the heaviest thing ever hung here was a ceiling fan. Luckily, the following morning he was looking on Craigslist and someone had this set up for $100. The heavy bag is hooked onto the metal frame. so no worries about the ceiling.

      I am beginning to believe it is great exercise. 5 minutes to full soaked sweat. 5 minutes of lifting and I’m just getting warmed up. (that dude will wish I hit like a girl)

    • You should get one! It will be fun, you will both love it. I like to watch HH while he is playing (ok, he’s a guy so he’s not playing, he’s all like serious) and have yummy little thoughts.

      (and I have been feeling quite fierce lately)

  2. From what I understand a punching bag is some of the best exercise you can get. You’re right about any movement. I need some movement in my life… Good for you! 🙂

    • This is payback for all the haters telling me in the beginning of my journey that boxing against a cartoon character on Wii Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout wasn’t really exercise… I do gotta admit though it’s harder when you aren’t punching air. I could do an hour on the Wii, but 30 minutes of this kicks my buttocks!!!

      If I had your view though, I’d be moving myself out on the deck and dancing in the beauty of it all 🙂

      • If you sweat like a pig and it makes you hurt then it’s exercise. A lot of people think they are experts… I love proving people wrong.

        Lol! I think the view keeps me from exploring the other two acres down below. One hike down and back would be good exercise. 😉

  3. My husband and I just bought a mini trampoline so that we can jog and bounce around for thirty minutes a day while watching television. Right now I get a good ten in before I sit back down. Like you said – any movement is better than no movement.

    • That is awesome! Working out while watching TV makes it feel less like working out and totally takes out the whole couch potato equation!

      I was so out of shape that I started with doing curls with canned vegetables while watching TV. It gradually built up my immunities to where I was no longer allergic to exercise.

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