CICO a go-go

If you’ve ever attempted weight loss, you’ve most likely encountered the advice from many well meaning folks telling you that weight loss is a simple math equation in that calories in must never exceed calories out. It sounds great in theory, like for a fifth grade word problem in math class, but seriously, it’s really not much help when it comes to weight loss.

Ok, so your cousin’s friend’s uncle’s wife started going to the gym using the whole word problem technique and lost weight. Good for her, really, that’s all I got. It’s true, CICO works for some folks, usually those folks born on the finish line. I’ll let you in on a secret though, it doesn’t work for everyone, and even stops working for no particular reason.

The thing is that when we try to eat below a certain calorie (I hate calories) threshold, our bodies will slow down to make up for the lack of energy in the form of calories. To make matters worse, counting calories in and having to count the ones going back out is pretty darned stressful and it’s common knowledge that stress increases cortisol and cortisol makes belly fat and you can fix that with magic beans and pixie dust… < an example of some of the sarcasm I try so hard to mask from you…

There is another secret (ok, it’s not a secret) that I will share with you, WHEN YOU EAT NUTRITIONAL DENSE NATURAL WHOLE FOODS LIKE MEAT, EGGS, VEGGIES, BERRIES, NUTS, I COULD GO ON, BUT THIS HOLLARING HAS MY FINGERS CRACKING… YOU EAT LESS BY PROXY. Glad to get that out of my system. Seriously, give it a try. Give up those spiky thing you can’t live without and see for yourself that breakfast is indeed breakfast even without sweet rolls and juice concoctions.

It’s not often I eat Chinese food. It’s not that I don’t like it, on the contrary, I adore it. It was really all I ate (Mongolian beef) while pregnant with my youngest. Once upon a time when I was a morbidly obese Type 2 Diabetic with hypertension, GERD, and elevated cholesterol, I could eat the heck out of some Chinese food, rice and all, there was no such thing as left over Chinese food for me. The new me is different though, I order my take out without rice and even without the rice in the box I normally have more than I eat left over. It’s kinda ironic that we had take out last night and I’m going to put my leftovers in an omelet tonight… I didn’t stop eating my take out because it had too many calories and I was afraid I couldn’t get them out in time, I stopped eating when I got full. Wow, full? Yep, full, if it can happen for me, it can happen for you, just stay away from the spikies, test often, and exercise.

Anyways, I’ve shared this in the past but for the benefit of any new readers I will share it again. I really really love this article… “There Is No Such Thing As “A Calorie” (To Your Body)”


4 thoughts on “CICO a go-go

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    Absolutely. I’ve fallen prey to the low fat food craze in the past. . . I just end MORE of the low fat food because I’m never satisfied. Kind of defeats the purpose.

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