Sometimes I just want a sammich…

The last time I had a sandwich must have been a short time prior to that “Not So Traditional Cuban Sandwich” I told you about back in March. I really don’t miss sandwiches, I guess that’s why the time goes by so long between.

Michael ended up having the day off because it was raining. Raining may be an understatement, it was more like “April Showers” or the “May 2010 floods”. I really can’t complain though, we’ve really had a nice summer, only a handful of really hot days. The tomatoes and strawberries like the rain.

strawberries and poomato

I’ve been getting a few strawberries a week. I know, weak investment, but the taste is fabulous.

Anyways, hot as he is, Michael eats by the clock. He likes his breakfast at breakfast time, lunch at lunch time, you get the picture. Me, well, I break my fast when I get hungry. It was going on noon time which just happens to be lunch time for Michael when I put some nice sliced hog jowl in the oven. It was coincidence that at 5:30 am yesterday morning, I had a text from my sister asking what hog jowl was. (her pig parts also included hog jowl) In case you don’t know, I will tell you what I told her. Hog jowl is cheek bacon. If there is anything on this big beautiful earth that is better than meat bacon, it is cheek bacon aka hog jowl. I did not think when I read the text that maybe she had sent it the night previous, so if you’re reading, sorry I TYB@5:30am (She’s awesome at text shorthand).

Since it’s hog jowl in the oven, there is an aroma drifting from the kitchen into the den where I am sitting on the couch folding clothes, watching The Young And The Restless for the first time in a quarter year, my taste buds are being tempted and hunger ensues.

Our gardening neighbor’s tomatoes are ready, and ours are not, so I pulled the biggest, reddest tomato from the lot they gave us Saturday and rinsed it. I sliced it and thought how good that would be with some cheek bacon (sounds better than hog jowl, right?) and some mayo. By this time, I am ready to break my fast. I pour a cup of coffee and think about how long it’s been since I even thought about a sandwich.

tomato sandwich

Looks pretty awesome, right? Lemme tell you, awesome does not begin to describe how it tasted…

My desire for a bacon and tomato sandwich was pretty strong, but I managed to make my hot husband one too. His looked like mine, but you couldn’t see it because of the bread he used to hold it with. If it hadn’t been such a messy sandwich I’m sure he would have had no need for the the holders.

The sandwich was so good that the rain stopped pouring and the sun came out. (if the “eat low fat, cholesterol is evil” gurus can use correlation equals causation, I can too…) It was so nice and sunny that I tossed the rest of Michael’s tortilla chips to the teen chickens. In the silliness that is sometimes me, the teen chickens made me think of “Teen Wolf” and how I was thinking about how an Alpha in an import is like putting a Vampire in a rain coat instead of a cape. Bring the Camaro back already!!

All my silliness went away when I picked up May from school She said that most of the teachers were out with a stomach virus but it was really because of what they had catered on the in-service day prior, but not school food. I was thinking she might be exaggerating, but then the mayor was on the news. It may or may not be related to a particular chain restaurant that just happens to serve sandwiches. I hope all 86 people get well soon.

Foodborne illness is something that is no fun at all, somehow made even worse if one is paying for the food that causes the illness in the first place. Maybe it wasn’t even foodborne anyways, might even have been coincidence that the people that got sick just happened to eat at the same place. Regardless of the cause, the news recommended that we call the health department with any questions we may have.

The question for all the kids in our wee town of two stoplights was “school or no school?” Excitement washed over May’s face when the director of schools called, only to be dashed when I told her he said “May or may not have” and mentioned nothing of a school holiday due to sickness. Oh well, it’s only the second day of school with a weekend on the morrow. She is reluctantly getting ready as I type.



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