Eggs, Nature’s most perfect pre-packaged fast food, revisited

I have said before that I was never really a fan of eggs. I had my first non-mc muffin poached eggs only a couple months ago. The hens lay so many eggs, that sometimes I just get tired of eggs and don’t want to see another for a while.

The thing is though, eggs are full of lots of great things. They are really quick, depending on the preparation. If you are a Type 2 Diabetic like me, you may find that eggs do not have such an impact on your postprandial readings as a bowl of cereal with skim milk (take a couple of mornings and test it out, you might also see that because of the protein you don’t need that ‘tween breakfast and lunch snack…)

The one preparation of eggs I’ve been leery of trying in my more recently found fondness for Nature’s fast food are Deviled Eggs. The sight of them have always made me get the heeby jeebies. The grossness factor in my mind is so bad that I don’t even like to prepare them. Until yesterday.

We smoked some nice Boston butts for a family get-together and someone else was already bringing potato salad. (I have no problem making it, but my blood glucose meter tells me that I shouldn’t eat it.) We had 16 eggs in the bucket, so I decided to do plan b, deviled eggs. (cue horror music)

While washing the eggs, I couldn’t help wondering what I could do to make myself like deviled eggs and it hit me. Bacon. Bacon Deviled Eggs. And so it began…



Ingredients: 3 eggs, pan of water, salt, 1 T mayo, 1 t Barvarian whole grain mustard (or what ever you like), 1 t pickle relish, 2 thick slices bacon, chopped and fried crispy, 1 T shredded cheddar cheese.

Place 3 eggs in a pan of water, add salt, turn on high, bring to a boil, turn pan off, set timer for ten minutes. (or use your favorite method for hard boiled eggs)

After they are boiled I like to fill the pan with ice water and bash the shells in on the side of the pan. Once I get them all bashed, I start peeling the one that was bashed first. There are many methods for peeling boiled eggs, so use which ever one you feel most comfortable with.

Cut eggs in half longways. Pop the yolks out into a small bowl. Add crispy bacon chunks and mash well. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. It might look a bit like the following picture:


makes a good egg salad too…

To make them pretty, you can use a piping bag or a cookie scoop to put the newly transformed goodness back into the whites. You will find that there is a decent amount of egg filling left over. My guess is that this is where egg salad comes from, but what do I know? What ever it is, it is pretty awesome and I ate it with a spoon. (yep, shocked me too)

I think that other people may have found them to be pretty awesome too, because that top picture is of the eggs I took to the gathering. I brought the egg carrier home empty.

I got to thinking today how it would be nice to have some bacon deviled eggs and ended up making some for dinner. That could be a problem because now I’m thinking they might be pretty tasty with chorizo, salsa, and cheddar…


I just slopped it on there with a tablespoon. Still had some left over but no squeaky white getting in the way 🙂


4 thoughts on “Eggs, Nature’s most perfect pre-packaged fast food, revisited

  1. I discovered that steaming the eggs is the best way-18 minutes, then put in ice water to stop the cooking! Those shells come off so easily, and I heard it’s even better with fresh eggs. I love deviled eggs, though. I will have to try your bacon and cheese version. I never have enough yolk stuff left. BTW, egg salad is just chopped up boiled eggs, whites and yolks, mixed with the mayo and stuff. I sometimes like mine with a little curry powder.

  2. I guess I need to revisit deviled eggs. I too have always gotten heebeegeebees. I did hear that the night before making the egss you should turn the eggs the opposite direction on which they have been sitting to center the yolks… I also hear that baking them in a muffin tin is another way of doing them.

    • Great tip on the turning eggs!! I had a few where the yolk was a bit lop-sided. The hens do a good job keeping them moving, but I had gathered these and left them in the bucket all night. Have a great day 🙂

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