I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would…

Our internet went out Sunday. We did the little things they tell you to do before they actually let you talk to a human before dialing the number. The wait time promised to be 45 minutes but actually only lasted about ten. It turned out the modem was deleting the thingy numbers or some such thing that I have neither need nor want to know. I just want to read stuff and play bingo 🙂

I couldn’t help but think to myself the horrors of no internet for three days. If I wanted it faster, I could have probably gone and purchased one at some store, but it was raining. Instead we did what any other sane people would do on a rainy day without internet and went out for breakfast. Sundays are perfect for going out for breakfast because it means I do not have to cook. It also means I don’t have to do the dishes. When I play my cards right it also means unlimited bacon….

No internet really was a good thing. Yeah, I’ve got internet on my phone, but it will trundicate everything, besides, the words are small and all the scrolling on what it does show. Instead of trying to surf the web for hours, I just found stuff to do.

The crazy thing is that without internet, I managed to get in over ten-thousand steps daily (M-W) for a total of 38299 steps, average five miles daily. (My norm is more like 5000-7000/day)

The new modem arrived yesterday. I told the UPS guy thanks, and placed it on the counter. I picked up my purse and keys, and went to the store. When I got home, I went ahead and installed it.

I thought about hanging out on the web, but I went outside a picked wild strawberries. I shared them with the chickens. Ok, I picked them for the chickens because they like them. I had one myself, but it was pretty bland. I thought about how many I would have to pick before I would have enough for jam.

When I picked May up from school, she asked if the modem came yet. Before I could stop myself, I said yeah. When we got home she asked if she could get on the computer. I told her that I hadn’t installed the modem yet, hoping that she didn’t see the new growth of my nose.

When Michael got home from work, I was sitting on the porch with two cups of coffee. He asked if the modem had come. I told him yeah and he asked why I was sitting on the porch. We were still sitting on the porch drinking coffee when his dad pulled up. We talked and laughed and drank some more coffee.

Finally, I typed in the code things for the wireless and the internet moved back in. When diabetes was in control, I lived my life vicariously through Yoville and all the other silly little games I used to play because I was too sick and tired to play outside. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against silly little games, I still play bingo from time to time. My problem was that it was all I did. The internet was my “lifeline”.

I had a non-scale victory the past few days in that I did just fine without internet. I went places, I did stuff. I cut the yard, the hedges, and even edges with kitchen shears and gloved hands because the weed eater hates me. In hind sight though I should have trimmed the hedges prior to brushing the driveway, but I brushed the driveway before I thought about the hedges…

As I type I get the sensation of being pulled away from this desk. I spent an hour this morning catching up on articles I couldn’t read on my phone. It made me feel as if I were growing roots, so I got up and started cutting the back yard.

Lucky for me it is the end of school and they had an awards ceremony this morning. I stopped mowing just in time to get a shower, dress, and get there. Instead of turning towards home, I went to town and mailed the old modem back. I stopped at the store for a few groceries and picked up a large hot and sour soup to break my fast.

The urge to go outside is really overwhelming now. I smell the coffee in the kitchen and it’s time to pull the wagons out of the shade. I’ve got to finish cutting the yard.


These aren’t wild, they are from the plants. They were good. The string on my wedding ring is also a non scale victory. I could go get it re-sized, but is the only thing that outgrew me that I didn’t give away.



4 thoughts on “I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would…

  1. I always enjoy it when the power goes out for a few hours. Amazing how time kind of slows down. I know I rely on the internet too much and I waste a lot of time.

  2. Thank you for sharing. This really opened my eyes to how long we sit at our computers and really miss out on what we should be doing which is connecting with the people we live with and especially ourselves. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 I do really enjoy the ability to get to know others from far away thanks to the internet. It was kinda crazy that the modem had to crap out just so I could realize just how much time I spend on-line. It’s really not nearly as much time as I spent in the past, but it is so easy to get caught up reading and just lose track of time. I’m going to try harder to be more mindful of my “net usage” in the future. Have a great day 🙂

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