Strawberries, tomatoes, and Biscuit…

I got a new monster 4×4 with a dump wagon for Mother’s Day. It’s pretty awesome. I’m using it for my strawberry plants.



Aren’t they cute?

I bought the strawberry plants on impulse. I just figured I’d fly by the seat of my pants and have fun.

For what seemed like forever they didn’t really do anything. Well, they had a few little berries, but they weren’t red. Last week though, they started getting all octopus like and shot out some tentacles. That’s when they got fun.


These were shooting out this morning.

A few weeks ago we had some pretty bad storms. I lost more than half of my tomato seedlings because I had put a liner in my little red wagon. The rains came hard and fast, the little wagon filled up. By the time I got outside to tear a hole in the liner, most of the pots were topsy-turvy. I thought of this as bad luck, but I guess it turned lucky for the strawberries.

I put a tomato-less pot of dirt in the strawberry wagon and moved the shoots (or what ever they are) over the container. This morning they were rooted to the dirt which makes me wonder if these strawberries are an alien life-form. I guess I could google strawberry plants to get the scoop, but that would take all the fun and mystery out of it.

Another odd thing happened this morning, there were two more shoots. When I moved the wagons to stronger sunlight at noon, I got the other tomato-less pot of dirt and placed it in the strawberry wagon. Once again, I placed the shoots over the pot. I ate another red strawberry from the plant, and noticed another shoot, a short shoot, but a shoot.

Since it was a lazy cloudy, sprinkly Saturday, May and I had a “Teen Wolf” marathon. She took a nap which led me to “Immortals” (sorry, even Henry Cavill couldn’t save that movie…). The next thing I knew it was 6:00pm and I hadn’t even been to the chicken yard. I fed the chickens, filled up some water containers, and enjoyed the little bit of sunshine that had finally broken through the cloudy day.


He loves his bones

Biscuit was enjoying one of the marrow bones I had roasted and boiled the other day. I didn’t notice until I was uploading the pics that he finally cracked open that egg he had buried beside the pizza oven. Biscuit has never been a very bright dog, his beauty makes up for his excess silliness, but he’s smarter than I ever gave him credit for.

As reward for guarding the chickens and wee baby chicks, I share my bounty of eggs with him. Sometimes he finds a nest down low and gathers for himself. He’s pretty good about sharing if I catch him in the act 🙂 Time to time he himself has an excess of eggs and he buries them. He never buries his bones. The driveway and the area around the smoke pit is his bone yard, above ground. I always tell him how silly he is when he buries the eggs until today. He buried that egg well over a month ago. He cracked it today. It was not rotten.

It has been nearly a week since I gathered eggs, between being sick and all the rain, so he’s not been getting his rewards. I figure he dug that one up today because I was so late getting to the chicken yard. I gave him two eggs as a reward.


not a complete loss

The tomatoes aren’t a complete loss. I’ve got five strong Cherokee Purples, and two more on the “might make it” list. There are only four Black Cherries left, but they look to be pretty tough. The grape Poomatoes though are the toughest, twelve plants survived.

I added a bit more dirt to them, they will all grow big and strong.



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