Yard Safari May 16, 2013

I’ve always loved flowers. I used to look at them as I walked out the front door to get in the car, or as I got out of the car. That was when Diabetes was in the driver’s seat. Now that I am in control, sometimes I just go hang out in the yard, play with critters, or pull weeds (say it isn’t so lol). I took 103 pictures, managed to whittle it down to 75 for a facebook album, but to keep it simple, I’ll try to just post the highlights today.


We have several hens with chicks. These hatched yesterday, only one managed to squeeze out for a pic.


A full view of the front garden. It used to be a sidewalk and grass until I got bored one day. It is home to hosta, iris, roses, lamb’s ear, Japanese maples, and some other things I don’t know the name of.


I’m picking this one today!


This stuff grows instead of grass around the fire pit.


I’ve had this wild orchid for about 5 years, it is sharing a home with a wild fern. I love this little guy.


This handsome fella was wooing the ladies…


Singing and dancing together, well, until they saw me taking pictures of their courtship…


This is Ms. Rabbit swinging in the maple tree beside the front garden.

I hope you enjoyed my yard safari as much as I did. If you’d like to see all the pics from today’s adventure, I made the album public.

Until next time 🙂



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