The morning after


The cake this morning. I think she liked it 🙂

I didn’t have any cheesecake last night. I did light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday”, but I couldn’t stomach any cheesecake. Since it was May’s birthday, she got to pick what we had for dinner. She chose a buffet. Under normal circumstances I would have convinced her to choose another option when Michael said “She wants to go to Papa Chen’s”. He was pleading with his eyes, he wanted out of it as bad as I did. Instead I said “Oh well, it’s her birthday, it’s not going to kill us.”  (Yes, I am shocked myself)

I opted for meat, vegetables, seafood, and hot and sour soup. I stayed away from the breaded everything and sweet sauced items. I had a tall glass of water. It had been at least a year since we were last there, and really the taste of the food had improved. I figured it was smooth sailing, heck, my fortune cookie said “You’ve worked hard, you deserve a rest.” (we don’t eat them, but we still like to read them)

After dinner May’s birthday cash from her grandparents was burning a hole in her pocket, so we went to Walmart. Walking all over the store, I felt myself feeling at bit gross. The pants that had to be belted were suddenly forcing my belly into a figure eight. By the time we got in the car, I had to not only undo the belt, but my freaking pants button…

By the time we got home I was in a serious comical condition. It wasn’t necessarily painful, just belly bloat, bad belly bloat. It looked like I had somehow ingested a basket ball. Michael said it looked like a baby bump, I thought yeah, in the third trimester!

As uncomfortable as it was, it was a good learning experience. We learned that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger to resist next time, even if it is her birthday.

This morning brought a little less swelling and a five pound gain on the fickle old hag that is my scale. It’s ok though because I sweated off half of that push mowing the back yard. 6500 steps so far thanks to the mowing and then hunting and gathering (ok, so they were dead already when I gathered them).

Thanks to drinking a lot of water and moving around the swelling has finally subsided. I feel a lot better and am glad that I didn’t take the fortune cookie’s advice.






4 thoughts on “The morning after

  1. Oh, good on you for being willing to take one for the team! I cringed when I figured out it was Chinese food buffet! Way back in the beginning of my grain free lifestyle I thought that the buffet would be a nice compromise for my hubby. I eat meat and veg and he eats whatever he wants. I nearly died. The pain and bloating and cramping was unbelievable! I don’t know for certain what was in the meat and veg but I suspect large quantities of MSG, wheat, gluten, corn starch and whatever other chemical they put in that isn’t meant to go in our bodies! Glad you’re feeling better now!

    PS. That cheesecake looks absolutely amazing! Dense and creamy and bring some over here asap, woman! 🙂

    • It had something in it for sure! Being pretty much afraid of food today I waited until just a bit ago to eat some cheesecake. It was worth the wait! If you were close I’d definitely share! Have a great day.

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