Spinach Tomato Alfredo Pizza

One thing I love about the whole low carb way of life is that if you keep on looking, eventually you will find what you’re looking for. Enter Your Lighter Side. I had tried the cauliflower crusts out there but didn’t really like it. I used “low carb wraps” as the crust, the taste and texture was there, but the gliadin still made me sad 😦

chicken round

Chicken alfredo spinach tomato, the chicken is the crust

To the left is my first attempt at Jaime‘s recipe. It tasted incredible. I had forgotten to purchase parchment paper so it stuck to the pan. May and I ate it from bowls and all was well in the world.

I really like using leftovers when ever I have the opportunity so the next time we made Your Lighter Side’s pizza, we opted to try it with some left over pulled pork.

pulled pork round

Dagnabit, I still forgot the parchment paper

The pulled pork pizza was great, we opted for onions, green bell peppers, and Alfredo sauce. I was quite pleased that even though I had once again forgotten the parchment paper that the pizza did not stick. We sliced it, plated it, even ate it by lifting it from plate to mouth with our hands. It was really the closest thing to real pizza I’d had thus far without the side effects of the flax, wheat, and other un-desirables in the “low carb wraps” I had used.

pulled pork sliced

The pork crust pizza sliced and plated.

For the past couple years, pizza night has been a hectic night in our household. I would make one kind of pizza for May and me and another for Michael. Pizza night should be easier than that, so last night I made one pizza. Since I just smoked some nice Boston butts last week, I had plenty of pulled pork. Thinking of Michael asking for a grilled cheese after his first bite was about the worst I imagined happening, so I set to task.


Shredded mozzarella and pulled pork, pulse several times until it chopped and mashed, dump in a bowl and then pulse more until finished.

I must warn you that I am bad about measuring things. I had a little more than a pound of pulled pork in a bowl and about a half pound of mozzarella. It was enough to probably make 5-6 12″ pies. For precise measurements for one pie, here is the link to Jaime’s recipe.


I made way too much…



Press evenly onto lined pan. Since my baking mats can only withstand 400 degrees, I baked the “crust” at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.


Let the baked crust cool for 20 minutes while you get your toppings together.


Spinach, Alfredo, sliced sweet peppers, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, sliced red onion.

I sliced what needed slicing while the crust was baking. These toppings are really good on Your Lighter Side’s chicken crust, I didn’t try making it with pepperoni or sausage or other more traditional toppings like red sauce just because I do not really like red sauce with chicken. Also to me, adding more protein to an already protein based crust would mean sacrificing protein at breakfast or lunch on pizza day and I refuse that 🙂


Add sauce to your cooled crust


Add toppings


add more toppings


add cheese


I baked it for about 30 minutes at 375.


I’m thinking that next time I will remember the parchment paper so I can bake it at 425° as called for in the original recipe. Michael and I ate ours with forks because it was hot out of the oven. May was still outside playing so hers had time to cool a bit. She used her hands as the delivery device of choice.

Michael ate two slices of pizza. He did not ask for a grilled cheese. He didn’t even ask for a snack like he normally does a couple hours after dinner. He did say that he was surprised by the taste and really liked it. I must have looked at him as if he’d sprouted an extra head because he then said “I bet you didn’t expect me to say that, did you?”. No, I did not expect it. I did expect that he wouldn’t complain about tummy troubles after a night of pizza, because I know it’s not the onions or the meat…


Next time…

Since he liked it and since I have learned the whole lesson that sometimes the most important part of a recipe is possibly not an ingredient, rather parchment paper (I think I can, I think I can)… I’m going to have to try a different pizza next time.

There’s plenty of pulled pork in the freezer and I actually made some pretty tasty bbq sauce. I’m thinking pork, pineapple, bbq sauce, onions, and cheddar…




2 thoughts on “Spinach Tomato Alfredo Pizza

  1. oh my god!!!! TOTALLY TRYING THIS TONIGHT !!!! i’ve posted about cauliflower crust, and while delicious- it is A TASK…and this seems much easier-

    did it really HOLD UP like pizza?? like, it got firm and crispy???
    OMG! did it taste like pizza??? not just meaty?? this sounds AMAZING.

    • The second attempt (with sliced picture) held up like pizza, not crispy like the sometimes very thin cracker type crusts, more like hand tossed maybe for comparison? Firm yes. Jaime’s original recipe did not taste meaty. I used boneless skinless chicken and the seasonings, it tasted more like real crust but I had forgotten the parchment paper. Sticking to the pan and having to be scraped off, it was neither firm nor crispy, but that was because of my goof.

      The pizzas where I have used pulled pork do taste meaty, I think though that is because the pork is smoked and has a more intense flavor than boneless skinless chicken. (Plus the spices in the original recipe really mask the chicken taste)

      For the best experience tonight, don’t forget the parchment paper 🙂

      There’s another recipe going around for meatza using ground beef. It looks pretty good and I’m going to attempt it at some point.

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