Weight Club

“The first rule of Weight Club is: You do not talk about Weight Club”.

Today when I stepped on the fickle old hag that is my scale, I saw it. A six pound gain in my five pound window of weightertunity. No, I didn’t gain six pounds overnight, it crept up, starting with TOM < Ladies, you know where I’m coming from, Men, never mind…

Anyways, I know it’s completely normal for me to gain/lose several pounds, ultimately 5 pounds, in any one month, equaling in +/- ounces only for the past few months. I also know that is the beauty of “maintenance”, you stay around the same weight.

One might not think that a one pound net gain is no big deal, but it made me think. What did I eat this week? The downside of maintenance is that you know what to do, so you quit tracking things. That got me to thinking about my activity level and how since Sunday when I overdid the heavy lifting, that I hadn’t lifted many other heavy things.

Then I thought about how I had push mowed the back yard yesterday (Think uphill both ways lol) and it’s probably just a little water weight from movement. Anyways, the pound was worth the laughter when I told Michael “Me and Jason Momower” (Momoa) cut the yard…

In my thinking and over all silliness that is me, I thought about how I probably just jinxed myself. I was thinking about conversations I had in the past week, what did I say? Then it hit me. I was on the phone with my mom last night when I spoke a number. I was trying to explain my 5 pound theory about my scale, and needed an example. I broke the first rule of my own “Weight Club”.

I try not to base my success or lack thereof on the scale. Today showed me that she can still get under my skin if I let her. The old me would have thought of this number as a “free pass” to binge on chocolate (because chocolate really is the only thing worth binging on).

The new me instead delivered a couple of butts and went on the hunt for a new CD. Parking far away at three different stores netted me 2500 steps, so that was the good part. The bad part is that the cd has played twice and I still like my old cds better. I’m thinking the new cd is still salvageable, like for listening to in the car, but it’s not really making me want to dance and that’s the only reason I bought it…

Ok, so my husband thinks I’m a bit obsessed with Adam Levine and Jason Momoa, maybe I am. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed with books and movies and all things gladiators, but in all my silly obsessions and thoughts I managed to forget about that fickle old hag.

Since I skipped the whole chocolate binge I managed to get all my stuff done before 1:30pm. Time to change the cd!


Michael being a good sport as a I pull my best Gannicus out on him.












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