Sunday’s workout, still sore!


While cutting the yard the other day, I noticed that the side garden was in need of a few changes.

Being on the shady side of the house, my stepping stones are pretty good at collecting moss which is not a good thing when you step on them.

The rains combined with the absence of mulching last year left the weed barrier exposed.

When diabetes was in the driver’s seat, my kids would clean up the garden for me for Mother’s Day or my birthday. I would enlist my husband to move things because I had a hard time moving myself.


They really don’t look that heavy!

Michael had a nice pile of flat rocks on the brick pile. I thought they would look nicer as stepping stones so I asked if I could use them.


I removed the moss encrusted stones, weeded, and raked. I thought that was hard…

Raking, weeding, and tossing all the rocks into the bucket was the easy part. The moss encrusted stepping stones were pretty heavy. I thought to myself how it was a pretty good workout on a nice sunny day.

I’ve got a big boulder in front of the chimenea that I like to sit on. It’s been directly under the crepe myrtle for quite some time, so I normally have to move spider webs when I want to de-stress. I thought it would be nice to move the boulder away from the crepe myrtle. I didn’t think it would take 30 minutes of pushing and pulling only to move it about a foot away from it’s original home. I discovered that I had the perfect stone for an ottoman, so that made the work worthwhile.


The old stones are quite pretty.

I ended up stacking the old stepping stones close to the entrance of the garden. Looking at them sitting there, I saw how pretty they really are and decided that I really didn’t want to part with them.

I couldn’t think of how I could use them in the garden, but looking back at the pic, I should have seen it.


These were twice as heavy as the old ones!


Looking at the pile of new stepping stones, I thought they wouldn’t be near as heavy as the old ones, but I was wrong. Two days later I sit here, still sore and a bit angry at myself for saying “No, I got it” when Michael asked if I needed help. (too stubborn for my own good)

As I took this picture I couldn’t help but think that something was missing. I was also pretty sweaty, and needed to take a break.

I decided to try out my boulder with the ottoman while I relaxed for a bit.



Feeling lucky because I did not drop any stones on my toes!

As I sat on my boulder with my feet on the ottoman, I couldn’t help but think about how I was going to rest later while watching “Game Of Thrones” and that I needed to find somewhere to use the old garden stones.


what is old is new again

I looked through the crepe myrtle to the empty area behind the iris. I must have thought about my later appointment with the television because I thought how nice it would be to have a “throne” in the garden.

I gathered a couple more flat rocks for a little curve and brought back the old stepping stones. I stacked them, sat on them, and stacked them again.


The moss makes it a little cushy, but I wouldn’t sit on it with white pants on.


another job for another day


The garden “throne” is really more of a bench than a throne. It gives a nice view of the old fountain, which is in need of a good cleaning and repairs, but that is a chore for another day.

Today is another great day for an outside workout. If I wasn’t sore, I’d tackle one of the other gardens in need of attention. For today though I just sat in the garden, sipping water and reading a book. The hostas are coming up nicely and I was pleasantly surprised that my wild orchid made it through being hit by a basketball and the little bit of winter we got last month.


The wild orchid is just coming up, it is very pretty when it blooms.





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