Smoked Turkey Picture Recipe, Take 1


Pluck it and gut it, or just unwrap and pull out innards bag and neck.


This is good stuff, if you like it, eat it. If you don’t boil it up with a little salt and pepper, take out the neck bones and chop it up. Cat food for a week!


The tail is a great piece of turkey, I like to boil it up with the innards or the carcass for bone broth.


Using kitchen shears, begin cutting on each side of the tail.


Gotta use two hands when you get to the rib area. Up to midway is easy, put a little elbow grease into it!


If you have to, pry it a bit. If a bone pops out all weird like, just break it off and put it in the pan you have boiling on the stove.


See, that wasn’t that hard, was it? Plop the backbone in the pot with the innards and flip your bird.


This is what I like to think I do…


This is what I really do. Breaking the breastbone is a major pain, pun intended… If you have to, break out a hammer and chisel. (Or just smoke a chicken lol)


Season your turkey on all sides. I used Tony Chachare’s and a couple teaspoons of sugar. You can use what ever your heart desires ❤


It’s a proud moment when you finally get the breastbone broken and your turkey as flat as turkilly possible.


Build a fire in the smoke box. When it gets going good, close the doors. When the temp gets up around 250 degrees Fahrenheit, plop that bird on a rack and shut the front door!!


This was about 2 1/2 hours in. I put a little water on the skin and shut the door. I didn’t open again until 5 hours later (7 1/2 total time) and well, I’ll show you a pic of what I did then…


At 7 1/2 hours I opened the door again. I had 2 sheets of heavy duty foil approximately 2′ long each criss crossed on a large tray. I removed smokey bird onto the tray with only one small accident of the left thigh broke off. oops. So I did what any other control freak would do and broke the other one off, tasted it and shut the door.

In the time it has taken me to upload this picture recipe it has now been 9 1/2 hours. My bird is ready. My tummy is growling. I IF’d today so I’m just gonna leave you with a pic of how my hillbilly hydroponic tomatoes are doing. Did I mention I picked up a couple of strawberry plants just for fun?


Not too up close and personal, but there are some plants growing from all three varieties, yippee.





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