Kitchen Cardio, or My Sordid Affair with Adam Levine

I’m not really sure exactly when it happened. Having been a “headbanger” since my teens, it was no surprise to my family when I bought a Shinedown CD to play while boxing against my diabetes with Wii’s Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. There were no questioning looks when I bought another one and then went so far as to get a couple of Avenged Sevenfold CDs for the kitchen.

I had never really given dancing a chance. I had two left feet and no rhythm. I did not know how to dance. In my childhood I was taught that dancing, shorts, and boys and girls in the same swimming pool was a sin, thank you very much church camp.

One day as I was finding my whole “angry, beat up T2D” routine a bit monotonous, (seriously, anything you do daily and twice daily on weekends for like six month straight gets that way sooner or later). I read a thread about exercise in one of the groups I am a member of. Someone suggested dancing.

Dancing? Seriously? I don’t remember my exact reply to that thread but it was something along the lines of “I play a mean air guitar”. Something changed that day. A once closed door in my mind opened just a crack and I did not beat my child for changing the radio station in the car later that day.

Maybe it was a few weeks later or months, who knows, time flies when you’re having fun! My darling niece, Lauren, posted a link to a video on my timeline. It was like she was triple dawg daring me to dance. So I did, and I told you about it.

I have since graduated from merely dance walking to full blown kitchen cardio. One day while I let my 12 year old control the sound on the way to school I heard a song. The music and the voice made me feel like dance driving and it actually happened for a few seconds before I realized that it wasn’t a good idea. “Who is that?” I asked, sounding more like a 12 year old than a 43 year old memaw. “Duh, it’s Maroon 5” she said sounding more like me than I did. “No way! Seriously? I hadn’t heard any Maroon 5 since “She Will Be Loved'” I told her and she told me “that’s what you get for only listening to 3 and 4” {the buttons on the radio}

Now, this is where it gets a bit silly. I was never a really big believer in fate when I started, but there have been a lot of coincidences in my journey, so seeing the video and Adam as a boxer, I knew that my switch over from angry puncher to groove(r) was fate.

I bought “Overexposed“, and thus began my sordid affair. For a while, no one knew. Every morning after a few rounds of bingo, catching up with like minded individuals on facebook, and eating breakfast when I was hungry, it would happen. I would turn off the tv and the computer. With a smile on my face, I would turn on the power and press play on the little cd player in the kitchen.

It was a little slow in the beginning, from years of fearing dance and fearing how others would perceive my skills or lack there of, I was a little unsure of what to do. Sometimes I would be washing dishes and my shoulders would just move on their own. Sometimes while sweeping, my feet would move in ways that made me wonder if they were my feet.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, I had gotten so used to my morning with Adam’s voice that I didn’t think twice about my kitchen cardio. My 12 year old caught me the first time. Like any good 12 year old, she told Michael as soon as he got home. “Dad, you should have seen mom today, she was dancing”. (he most likely was thinking about my adventures in dance walking lol)

A couple of weeks ago one of the songs from the cd came on the radio. Michael said something about as much as I play it, he ought to know the words. We laughed and I bought a new cd a couple days later. I told him I got an old Maroon 5 cd and he gave me that same look he uses when I buy another Spartacus or Game of Thrones DVD set.

I’ve gotten more brazen over the past week. Instead of turning off the cd player when he calls to tell me he’s on his way, I turn it up. I guess it’s like any affair really, you want to get caught, maybe not so much want, but you tempt fate because it gives you a rush.

I was not surprised when Michael came in the house the other day. I knew he was outside working on one of his projects, I knew he could walk in at any time or simply look in the window, but I didn’t care, I was happy and I was dancing and I was washing the dishes. He came up behind me and kissed my neck. He told me that I looked sexy while I was washing those dishes, and that drove away every bit of insecurity I have ever had about my ability to dance or how others perceive my skills. All that matters is that I am having fun, exercising, and it’s husband approved.

Anyways, his approval of my kitchen cardio left me in a moment of weakness this morning. He sent me to Walmart this morning for a few things. I ended up in the electronics and bought another old Maroon 5 cd. (see, fate can happen often)

I am really proud of my will power so far. I haven’t even opened the new old cd yet. Driving home from walmart this morning, I was giggling about the whole husband caught me dancing and how I felt so guilty because I was just dancing and dancing is perfectly ok no matter what they told me in bible school… It wasn’t like I was having an affair.

Anyways, I’ve already washed dishes so I think I’m gonna pop this new cd in and just dance for the sake of dancing. May has band rehearsal and the worst that can happen is neck kisses if Michael comes home early!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Cardio, or My Sordid Affair with Adam Levine

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  2. I love this post! I’m so happy that you have discovered dancing,and that you have been successful in your weight loss. Keep on dancing, and feel good about it. Oh, and thanks so much for visiting my blog today and liking my post.

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