Sometimes I get tired of eggs

I had never been a big fan of Nature’s most perfect prepackaged food, until we had our own fresh eggs each morning. Most of the time I eat eggs for breakfast. Poached, scrambled with bacon, fried flat and well done with cheese, or omelets. They are quick and easy, who doesn’t like quick and easy on a beautiful morning to save more time for enjoying the sunshine?

Even with giving away a couple dozen this past weekend I’m still blessed with nearly 4 dozen eggs. Yesterday I gathered 25 eggs, 10 from the hen pen, 15 from the mobile and fixed nests of our free lady birds. I feel guilty on days like this when there is such an abundance and I’m just not in the mood.


A typical day of gathering…

I had a nice box of leftovers from Torino’s. Friday night I had the Charlie’s Good Kabob with garden vegetables. May didn’t want her vegetables, so I had hers also. I added some chorizo and it made a nice breakfast hash.

Leftovers or not hash

2 oz chorizo, 4 oz steak, sliced, 2 oz sliced zucchini, 1 oz sliced yellow squash, 2 oz chopped broccoli, 2 oz chopped cauliflower, and 2 oz sliced onion

Heat griddle to 350° and toss everything on. Flip and flop until it gets a nice sear and the chorizo is cooked through. Plate it and top with cheddar cheese if so desired.


Leftovers also make good omelets when I am in the mood for eggs.

The thing I like most about this breakfast hash is that it doesn’t spike my blood sugar. It keeps me in control of my diabetes. No, it’s not traditional hash with potatoes, but seriously what did potatoes ever do for me?


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I get tired of eggs

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  2. Oh, I am JEALOUS! I buy my eggs from Costco…..and my hubby gets mad that I end up with 36 dozen eggs in the fridge at any one time ( or more if I forgot that I bought them the week before). But I LOVE them…..totally wish I was near you, I’d be so thrilled with farm fresh eggs!

  3. Looks like the egg gods are smiling down on you! We are thinking about making the plunge and getting some layers. I feel similarly about eggs…I get sick of them really quickly. Maybe fresh ones would change that for me.

    • Fresh would make getting sick of them become less often. (I was once an egg hater) You will enjoy chickens, it feels good knowing where the eggs come from and that the hens are hormone and steroid free.

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