Chances are

Sometimes I like to think that if upon diagnosis I was told to eat no sugar, no grains, no starches that I might have never had Type 2 Diabetes control my life for four years, but chances are I wouldn’t have listened. It took four years of being sick and tired and morbidly obese to get it through my thick skull that I didn’t have to live like that. Well, that and Dr. Christie’s threat of insulin injections.

Finding an alternative to the complications of diabetes for me was motivation in itself. It gave me an excuse to say “no thank you” and to steer clear of the dessert table. I had never been one with strong will power, so my glucose meter became my will. The fear of going backwards once I had started moving forward helped me even more to say no to seemingly innocent things like whole grain bagels.

Up until my diagnosis I had 38 years of “heart healthy whole grains, low fat” ingrained into my way of thinking. I believed it because not only were there commercials touting the benefits of this or that, but my doctors also advised it. The problem is that it didn’t work for me. The more I used margarine and those heart healthy whole grains, the less healthy I became. Imagine how excited I was to find that just eating whole foods like fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables was the key to not only lowering my elevated blood sugars, but keeping them stable.

Early in my journey, just by my doc cutting back my dosage made me want to shout it from the rooftops. I wanted the world of Type 2 Diabetics to know “You don’t have to live in sickness and fear of complications, you don’t need a diet, you just need to stop eating the things that make you sick”.

I am very passionate about my diabetes and me. It’s hard to contain the happiness that being free from being sick and tired brings me. I tell my story every chance I get. I try to offer an alternative to friends, family, even strangers.

I like to think that my “spreading the word” has helped someone somewhere in their own fight against Type 2 Diabetes, but chances are most of the people I talk to don’t ever think of the conversation again. Sometimes I think about “what if I’d said this or that”, or “I can’t believe I forgot to tell them to get Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution“, or “Maybe that was too much too soon?”.

It’s easy to become discouraged when telling your story and the person you want to help looks at you oddly and says “I’d die without pasta”. It’s a strange world we live in where folks would rather stay sick and tired because there is nothing better than pasta, doughnuts, or french fries.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably never save the world from diabesity by sharing my experience, but chances are that one day even if just one person can break their addiction to sugar, starches, and grains, lose weight and win their fight against T2 diabetes, it is still worth it.

I leave you today with a link to Dr. Jonny Bowden’s blog post, Diabetes: Prevention and Cure. I also leave you with a decision to make. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, remember that it doesn’t have to be that way. Decide whether or not what you are currently doing is working, if not, give real whole foods a try. Chances are if you give up what is making you sick and tired you will feel better and have more energy. Pasta, doughnut, and french fry withdrawal can be a difficult and painful experience, but seriously I’ve never heard of anyone really dying from lack of pasta, doughnuts, or french fries…


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    • Hey Phil,
      We just can’t do it until we’re ready I guess. I look forward to reading each of your new posts, and well, I’m still envious that moderation worked for you !!

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    Got a notice last night from WordPress that it’s my blogs 1 year anniversary. Got a notice from the windows that it’s a nice day, so I can’t sit indoors, gotta get outside (I’m a doer not a pinner) Anyways, this is an oldie, but a goodie (I think anyways) enjoy!

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