Accidental Exercise

We always hear how someone has accidentally done this or that, but I don’t think I’d ever thought about “accidental exercise” until today.

Still pretty pumped about last nights series finale of “Spartacus”, I was practicing my Gannicus skills in the kitchen with the girls’ foam swords. May was supposed to be helping me make breakfast, so I went to find out what was holding her up.

She was lying on her bed checking out facebook or texts or what ever, so I yelled “Die Roman, Die” and proceeded to chop her up. (remember, they are foam swords, no real people were injured in my portrayal of Gannicus this morning) She started laughing and said “I’m not a Roman.”, and proceeded to kick the sword from my right hand. The game was over because I had to remind her that I had already cut off her leg a mere seconds earlier.

All craziness aside, she scrambled some eggs in a bowl while I chopped bacon for scrambled bacon eggs (take some bacon, chop it, cook it to your desired crispiness, add eggs, scramble, add cheese yum). The smell of bacon sizzling on the stove had my full attention when I heard a giggle and felt the sword in my back as I turned to see May had found where I left the swords.

“Gimme that, you’re holding it wrong, you look like a pirate” I said and she actually handed me the sword. (mistake #1) Thus began our accidental exercise. Our bit of morning sword play was more like the water dance of Syrio and Arya as we clinked and clanked through the kitchen and around the house. Pretty good cardio workout for someone who doesn’t really intentionally do cardio very often.

We laughed and then ate breakfast.

When Diabetes was in the driver’s seat, I didn’t laugh a lot. I didn’t play with swords outside, much less in the kitchen. I didn’t exercise intentionally or accidentally because I was sick and tired.





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