Weights and Measures

When I first began my journey, I knew how much I weighed, but I didn’t really know how big I was. I was scared to take my measurements because I didn’t want to know. I am thankful that in the beginning of my journey I was told the scale was only one measure of success.

On June 20, 2011, two months into my journey I gathered the gumption to take my measurements. I started taking them every two weeks, then monthly, then life kinda got in the way and I ended up taking them every 3-4 months. The scale has had me in the same five pound bounce for months now, so I figured I’d measure today.

I also figured it would make me smile to compare my first measurements to now, and maybe show others that measuring is not such a horrible thing. It gives us a starting point, it shows us where we’ve been and how we’re doing. Unlike the scale, the measuring tape is not a fickle old hag, but rather a trusty friend.

Waist: 44″/36″        L. arm: 16.5″/11.5″       R. arm: 16.5″/11.25″         L. forearm: 11.5″/8.75″ R. forearm: 12″/9″         Neck: 14.5″/12.5″           Hips: 48.5″/38.5        L. thigh: 33.75″/19″       R. thigh: 33.25″/19″      L. calf: 18″/12.75″        R. calf: 17.75″/12.75″   Chest: 44.5″/34″         L. wrist: 6.75″/6.25″      R. wrist: 7″/6.25″         L. ankle: 10″/8.5″           R. ankle: 9.5″/8.5″

If my math is right, I’ve lost 68″ just in the places that I measure. That doesn’t even count the fingers where my rings have outgrown my hands or how I can actually fit into one size fits all gloves lol.

While I really don’t care what I weigh as long as I look nice in clothing, I never wanted to be a “smaller size of fluffy“. I had to learn that the only way to get to where I am aiming is to get off the couch. Having never been friends with exercise (do I say that too much?) I tried walking on my treadmill, bike pedals, walking outside, I hated it all. I learned quickly that I wasn’t going to do something for any length of time if I didn’t enjoy it.

Enter Mark’s Daily Apple. There I found that I could incorporate exercise into everyday tasks. I didn’t need a gym, a trainer, or any special equipment. Since I was toting laundry baskets anyways, I did cleans and presses with them on my way to fold the clothes. I did squats at the grocery store when getting things off lower shelves. I even started parking in the furthermost parking spots when shopping. These everyday things showed me that the awful thing called exercise not only didn’t have to be awful, but was key in making my goals attainable.

While I’ve been at goal as far as the scale is concerned for a while now, I have not yet reached all my goals. My body composition has changed drastically (I used to be a pear, then an apple), but I still have areas of fluffy to work on.

I try to do something daily, lift heavy things, sprint up from the chicken yard, or dance in the kitchen. What ever I do, it’s not a conventional workout and I enjoy it. Doing things that I was never able to do when Diabetes was in the driver’s seat like toting firewood or chicken feed not only makes me feel good, but also gives me a sense of accomplishment.


I had bricks, a barren spot, and the desire to “work out”.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this, there are many measures of success, weight is only a number, and a work out doesn’t really have to be conventional to work. Find something that you enjoy doing and just do it.








5 thoughts on “Weights and Measures

  1. I love this. I try to do the same thing…I discovered on a really busy days that there are so many options for exercise just around the house. Great stuff.
    Oh, thanks for checking out my blog!
    Congrats on your progress so far. Amazing stuff.

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