Truth is, Type 2 Diabetes is a life sentence.

There are many truths about Type 2 diabetes, the first and foremost is the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is a life sentence.

Truth is, Type 2 Diabetes while being a life sentence does not have to be a death sentence.

It is so easy when diagnosed to just break down, give up, and give in. “I’ve got it now, might as well accept that fact.” “There’s nothing I can do.” “I’m taking my medication, it’s not getting better, but then again my doc told me it was a progressive disease.”

My story is not uncommon. There are many people just like me with Type 2 Diabetes who have decided we do not have to live like we are dying. We do not have to give up, let this horrible mangler of life and limb rob us of our lives, our vision, our well being.

Type 2 Diabetes, even with the life sentence can be controlled. There is no secret to controlling Type 2 Diabetes, all the information is out there. It can be controlled by taking control of our own lives via food and exercise.

The glucose monitor is the most important tool on the path to taking control of Type 2 Diabetes. Test often. Test before eating, an hour and 2 hours after eating, test upon waking, and prior to sleep. Keep a journal of everything you eat, everything. Compare your glucose tests to the foods you consume. If you eat a honey bun and get a reading of 236, seriously consider cutting honey buns out of your life. The same holds true for other sugary starchy things.

The thing is that eating sugar feeds our disease. Eating sugar/starches ups our blood sugar. Poorly controlled blood sugar is the killer, not the diagnosis.

No matter how bad one’s life is at this moment, it could be worse. The diagnosis is terror, but doing nothing about it, awaking one morning to discover you may no longer have the option of keeping your toes or that you will need dialysis because your kidneys are no longer in working order is true terror.

Stop, think, and learn. Do something now, before it’s too late. Don’t stop living because you’ve gotten the life sentence of Type 2 Diabetes, START LIVING. Start living a life free of sugar/starches. Decide here and now that there is no food that tastes as good as being free from the complications of diabetes feels.

The hardest thing I ever did was decide to fight against my Type 2 Diabetes. I was scared, I had no hope, I thought I was dying. Really, I was dying, slowly, eating things that spiked my blood sugar because the medications I took would help. The only problem with this progressive disease is that it’s progressive. A certain dose will only work so long until that dosage is upped and maybe another med or three added.

Stop the madness, stop the fear, stop letting Type 2 Diabetes control what we should be controlling ourselves. We don’t have to live in fear. We don’t have to be a slave to foods we “love” because our blood glucose meters show us those foods have no love at all for us. Food is not comfort, food is fuel.

Fuel your body with whole foods, foods like chicken, beef, eggs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries, tomatoes, etc. Once the body gets the nourishment it needs rather than processed crap with added sugar/starches, it feels better. The numbers get better. We see that even a life sentence is not the same as a death sentence.

I choose to live. I’m going to die fighting. I’ve made the choice that while we all are born and we all die, that I am not going to die from the complications of diabetes. I may get hit by a bus or an asteroid, but I’m not going to lose my toes, my vision, or my kidneys to Type 2 Diabetes.

I was once between a rock and a hard place, I was scared to live and scared to die. I became that rock, that hard place, and I do not let anyone or any food sabotage my success. I realize that I can not control the time nor the place of my death, but I can ensure that Type 2 Diabetes will not be the cause.

*And just because I can never say it enough… Weight loss is a side effect of well managed blood sugar control. Exercise is also a side effect of well managed blood sugar control. It’s  weird, but when your fuel your body with optimal instead of pre-processed crap, things just happen naturally. Getting started is the hard part. Staying on task takes time and patience. Winning your fight is something no one can take from you. Stay strong.



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