Seriously, I don’t have time to worry about what you eat

Once upon a time, in the beginning of my journey to better my own self, I was eager to share what I had learned with others. People would see me and ask questions, I would give answers as to what I was doing for myself.

Over the days, weeks, months, years, sometimes people would want to join in my journey.  This would please me to no end, that friends and family members might have been inspired by my progress to maybe put forth the effort needed to start down a path of their own.

After a bit of time, I over heard someone talking about how they tried “Shannon’s diet” and how they didn’t get the results that Shannon got. My words on this matter are this:

1. I do not have a diet, nor have I been on a diet. I eat real whole foods prepared without grains, starches, or sugar. 2. If you cut out sugar and grains for a day or two, you will not get any results anyways. 3. When one begins a lifestyle change, it is not in any way shape or form my lifestyle change, I am committed for life to save my life. If your commitment is to fit into a bikini come summer, well, you have unrealistic dreams that will be dashed. In 20 days it will be the two year anniversary of my journey’s beginnings and I’m still not bikini ready.

It seems that a lot of times people get the wrong ideas in their heads about me, my beliefs, and my desires. I’m a T2 Diabetic who just happened to get a wake up call by her doctor a couple years ago. I believe that as long as I eat minimally processed foods without sugar, starches, and grains (because those are the things that spike my blood sugar), that I may be opted out of the whole dialysis, amputation, blindness, etc that can often result in poorly managed blood sugar. My desire is that all T2 Diabetics take control of their own life with diabetes in a way that keeps them free of the complications, by working with their doctors, testing often, and maybe learning for themselves what foods that maybe they should seriously think about prior to consuming.

Often times when dining out with others there are hushed whispers around the dinner table as to what to eat. “Shannon this and that”, I don’t hear each whispered word, but yes, my ears perk when my name was whispered. The gaps could be filled in with words like “Shannon will say something, she’s gonna go off on how bread and fries are the devil”, any number of silly things people say when they themselves feel guilty for their choices.

I would offer my words on this matter, word for word, but they may not be the nicest. You can come to your own conclusions of my words with the hints of “rat’s” and “you eat”. To type it in a less harsh manner I offer the following:
“I do not care what you eat. I do not care what anyone eats. Eat what you want to eat, you are grown. Do not worry about what I think because I have enough to think about in my own life/journey/home without worrying about what other people eat.”

Seriously, I am not a “dietary zealot”. If you are not my husband, my child, or my grandchild, I don’t have time to focus on what you choose to put into your own body. If you call me crying because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, I am there for you. No, I can not do it for you, my hands are full. If you call me to tell me you messed up and ate sugar/grains/starches, well then I would normally say “tomorrow is a new day”.

One thing people should know about me is that I’m not going to sugar coat things. There comes a time when even I get fed up with people starting and stopping and starting and stopping and calling me to whine about why they don’t have energy or why they aren’t losing weight, or why they just felt so bad about such and such that mac and cheese or french fries was their only key to sanity. When this happens my words are usually “I can do nothing for you”. What I would like to say is “Don’t call me about this %&$%^#@ anymore”.

I have worked my buns off for the past couple of years to build for myself a stress free environment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not of the illusion that such an environment is attainable, but I’ve managed to keep it pretty darned close. In the event that stress rears it’s ugly head into my environment, I have implemented my own coping devices. I no longer fall slave to “comfort foods” in times of stress, I normally hit the weights or the wood pile. Sometimes I meditate. Sometimes I turn that stressor/sadness into anger and take it out on my trainer whilst playing “Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout”.

The main thing is that when I am invited or inviting to dinner out, at my home, or anyone else’s home, I accept because I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. If we are some where that only has burger and fries, I am perfectly content with ordering a burger and ditching the bun, that’s just me, that’s how I roll. If you order a burger and fries, that is your business, not mine. Food is just food, I’m there for the conversation. Chances are if I’m hungry, I’ll eat. If I’d like a glass of wine, I’ll drink it. I don’t care what other people think about what I eat just like I don’t care what other people eat.

In my not so distant past, I did look at celebrations, holidays, and dining out with friends/family with the focus on the food. I paid more attention to what was served than to the laughter and conversation. In my journey, learning that food is just food, I’ve learned to have a greater appreciation of the interaction with others. I don’t need food to interact. A nice conversation and laughter fills my heart in a way that no food ever could.

You may be thinking that today’s post is a bit harsh, well, maybe it is. Maybe in my efforts to stop being sick and tired that my once sympathetic nature has been turned to empathy. I understand sometimes what others are going through, but I can no longer coddle and re-assure each choice others make. Life is too short for me to worry about what other people do in their own lives.

I leave you today with a picture from living life yesterday. My sister took us to the zoo for the big egg hunt.


There were laughter, tears, tantrums, and lots of hugs and kisses. In the end it was still a great day. We were living life and enjoying every minute of it. Pictured is Diamond and she is one of the reasons for my journey. She is also one of the reasons why I really don’t care what other people eat. My journey is my own and I hope to one day meet her children. With all this to focus on, I just to have time to be the “food police” over other’s plates.


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