Here’s a novel idea…

It seems that no matter where we are or what we are doing, someone has found the “secret to weight loss”. We see it on the tube, in magazines, on the web, hear it on the radio that if we act now, we can not only get the special price, but we will lose the weight.

Then there are the “super foods”, touted to make our metabolisms rev, increase our energy and make us shed the pounds. These “super foods” are so spectacular that someone usually grinds them up, offering up weight loss teas, pills, and capsules. Just take them daily for maximum results…

With no desire to be skinny, these products and super foods do nothing more than make me roll my eyes when I see the ads. As someone who never gave up her common sense in her journey to become healthy, I know that skinny doesn’t always equal healthy. I also know that while a gimmick may make the scale go down at the time, what happens when we go back to our old way of eating?

Here’s a novel idea: Just eat real food. Meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables. If it comes in a bag or box with numerous ingredients, the majority you have to google, well then maybe you shouldn’t eat it.

The thing of it is that processed foods are not made in the hopes of creating healthy people. Processed foods evolved out of the need for fast and easy.

I leave you today with a pic from October 2011. As a side effect of opting out of fast and easy, I had lost 35 pounds since my journey began in April 2011, but the gains were more important. I had gained confidence and self worth. I didn’t lose weight daily, I even gained weight on occasion, but I was no longer sick and tired.


I am smiling because I know being skinny doesn’t always equal healthy. At that moment I could have never lost another ounce and been satisfied because my journey is not a journey to the land of skinny, but a journey to stay healthy, happy, and active.


2 thoughts on “Here’s a novel idea…

    • Hi Phil,
      It is hard to over-eat real food. Doughnuts, pizza, chips, etc, never had a problem cleaning the box/bag, much less my plate, then feeling bad, up and down BG. Comparing now vs then I really believe processed food can be addictive. Learning the difference in hunger and habit was easier when I got rid of the junk! Have a great day, Shannon

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