Dark Chocolate Cream Oinkers

Stop right there, if you have an unhealthy relationship with chocolate you may want to ignore today’s post. On the other hand, if you’ve learned to control your inner chocolate monster, well then, continue reading…

The inspiration for this recipe came when my friend posted a Valentine’s chocolate recipe. My granddaughters and I had a grand time making them. We got heart shaped ice cube trays for our molds and had to get the heart shaped measuring cups because that is how the love gets in. (Kids are pretty danged smart!)

Our first low carb chocolates making gave us the confidence to have a “why the heck not?” moment, similar to “what’s the worst that can happen?” but when you get to the ingredients you will see that the worst that can happen is kinda like those bacon poached eggs, and “why the heck not?” makes more sense.

This recipe calls for left over bacon. Having left over bacon in our home is abnormal. The only time usually occurs when I intentionally cook bacon at night to make quick omelets for my husband in the mornings. Having leftover bacon is a special occasion, so this recipe seemed appropriate. If you do not have left over bacon, there is no shame in frying up a couple of pieces.


1/2 cup dark chocolate chips*, 1 1/2 strips left over bacon (chopped), 2 T heavy whipping cream, 1 T butter**


In a small bowl, microwave dark chocolate chips* and butter** for about 30 seconds. Using a small wire whip, mix them around. Microwave them about 30 more seconds and whisk around again. They will melt more as you whisk them. I wouldn’t go more than a minute and a half because you don’t want to scorch it. When it is smooth, add whipping cream while whisking.


*I used dark chocolate chips, they are lower in sugar than regular, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate chips.

*If you do not suffer from complications of maltitol, a sugar alcohol, feel free to use the sugar free chocolate chips. I have used them for this recipe, they were good, but as I’ve told you before, maltitol and I just don’t work well together.

**I used salted butter because I like salted butter. If for some reason you do not like salted butter, feel free to use unsalted butter. What ever you do, do not try to use margarine. The recipe will not work and you will have wasted some nice chocolate.


Once you are smooth again after mixing in the heavy whipping cream, mix in the bacon.


You may be wondering why I didn’t call them truffles. Well, The recipe without bacon is from my 1962 “Better Homes and Gardens new Cook Book”, “Chocolate Cream Balls”, the bacon makes them “Oinkers”!

Brush your molds with your favorite anti-sticking agent. I used melted butter because I had melted butter.


Re-thinking that whole easy button thing…

If you want, use a small cookie scoop. I find that my scoop makes just as big of a mess and is an extra dish to wash. I ended up just dumping the whole bowl over the mold and using my old cake frosting spatula to smooth it out as much as melted chocolate with bits of bacon is able to be smoothed…



I have no idea of the amount this mold holds. I got 9 1/4 oinkers out of this recipe. The 1/4 oinker was the test one. Yes, I knew they would be good but with quality control and all that…

Once I smoothed them out and licked the spatula, I stuck them in the freezer. I know from experience that they harden faster when the freezer door stays closed, so I went shopping.


These are the dark chocolate oinkers a couple hours later. You can see they are small because they are on a saucer. This is not justification for eating them all. Sometimes if we have them I can actually get 1 per day for a whole 2 days before someone realizes they are in the freezer…

You may be wondering how many calories are in these. I can tell you that I have no idea how many calories they contain. I don’t count calories because I am not a steam engine.

I leave you today with a picture proving spring is here, even though the weather here tends to disagree.


First baby chicks, spring is in the nest, even if it’s not in the air!





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