Bacon poached eggs

Last month I had my first non-mcmuffin poached eggs. The Double Meat Breakfast from Cracker Barrel’s Low Carb Offerings. While I’m thinking about it, I do need to tell you that I opted out of the reduced carbohydrate toast and sugar free jelly. I did this because 1. I am no longer a believer in reduced anything (or net carbs). I’ve had the tortillas, flatbreads, regular breads of reduced carbohydrateness glory, only to experience bloating, elevated blood sugar, and water weight gain on the scale. 2. Sugar free can mean it has sugar alcohol like malititol, and that spikes my blood sugar too. I didn’t need it anyways because I had bacon 🙂

It was one of those “what’s the worst that can happen?” moments. I thought the worst was that I wouldn’t like them. Then I tasted them. I liked them. I found out later that liking them was really the worst that could happen.

The following day I wanted them again. I guess I could have just cracked some eggs over simmering water all free-style like, but no, that would have been too easy.

By chance at the Goodwill store, I stumbled across an egg poaching pan, ok, I admit it. It didn’t really happen that way. I didn’t stumble. I cut through the kitchen gadgets aisle on my way to the books, intent on having poached eggs for dinner. I dove in head first and found two poaching pans of similar style with three egg cups. I opted for the poaching pan with the red price tag, for no other reason than it was red tag day and that meant half off…..

Upon arriving home with my new-found treasure, I immediately peeled off the lucky red sticker and washed it. Having never poached my own eggs I also hit up google to find a similar pan and maybe some directions. The pans were easy to find, the directions though were not included.

Through trial and error or should I say a dozen eggs? I finally got it right. No, they weren’t as good as the first time I tried them in low carb land, but they were pretty close.

Ingredients: 3 thick cut slices of bacon, chopped and fried soft, 3 eggs (I use medium because our hens lay mediumish eggs most of the time), your favorite anti sticking agent, and an egg poaching pan with three egg cups (if you have a different number of cups, just add more eggs and bacon)


Step 1: Grease your egg cups. Step 2: Crack open eggs one at a time, into egg cups.
Step 3: Top with softly cooked meat bacon bits.

I filled the egg cup holder side of the egg poaching pan with water. I put it on medium high heat. I let it get to a boil and turned it down to medium, placing my egg cups in the holes with oven-mitted hands. I then shut the lid. I have only poached 12 eggs up to this point, so my technique lacks the finesse of the seasoned egg poacher.

The timer was set for 5 minutes because I have not yet found the gumption to consume runny yolks. Yes, I’ve been told multiple times by multiple folk that they are the best thing since, well, runny yolks. I take their word for it and have no argument.


Using an oven mitt, place the egg cups in the egg cup holes, close the lid (at least that’s what I did) and set the timer for 5 minutes if you want them medium egg well (or what ever that is called in egg land).

After the timer went off, I turned off the heat and carefully with an oven mitt, removed the little egg cups, and plopped them on a plate.


They lost a bit of bacon, but they were still pretty tasty.

Today, just thinking about poached eggs ended in breakfast for dinner. Tonight I used chopped country ham instead of bacon. I topped them with cheddar and pepper (country ham is salty enough). I may even like the chopped country ham better because it was a bit heavier and sank a little into the whites. Pretty darned tasty. So tasty that they were gone before I got a camera ready!



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