Utilizing left-overs, not so traditional Cuban Sandwich

In my low fat heart healthy whole grains past, I loved sandwiches. I loved learning about new (to me) sandwiches and found a keeper one night thanks to Alton Brown’s Good Eats “Sandwich-craft“. I liked the Cuban Sandwich so much that I picked up a panini press and we started having all kinds of sandwiches. (I wonder if that had any thing to do with my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis 3 years later??)

All pondering aside, I don’t eat bread anymore. One would think that would cut out things like sandwiches, but it doesn’t have to.

I still have the panini press, but it is on a shelf collecting dust. I’ve always had a griddle because it is fabulous for bacon and eggs and in the olden days, pancakes… One day I threw a bit of turkey on the griddle with a dab of bacon grease and learned that it gets crispy. I like it so much that I lovingly refer to it as “bird turkey bacon” in certain circles. (It is  darned tasty, but not an adequate replacement for real meat bacon lol)

The afternoon of the “Gourmet Fauxtato Salad” we had a 4 pound pork loin in the smoker. Since there are only 3 of us, we had a lot left over. Since cold pork loin slices so well, it makes for great sandwiches. This day we made “Not so traditional Cuban Sandwiches”.


Like always, if you only have one cutting board, cut your veggies first.

Gather your ingredients. For our sandwiches, we sliced some cabbage, onions, and pickles. We also sliced the leftover smoked pork loin into 1/4″ slices. (We used mustard, sliced swiss cheese and packaged sliced ham, not pictured, look for smoked or baked ham, stay away from honey or maple glazed)

Once you have everything sliced, you are ready to begin. Heat the griddle to 350°. Place sliced pork loin and separated ham slices on the griddle and let it cook a couple of minutes on each side. (I like to smear a little bacon grease on the griddle when toasting meat) Remove from heat.


Michael had his on whole wheat bread. He does not have a problem with bread, so I let him have it now and then. May’s plate looked a lot like mine, but she had more avocado and pickles!

When you remove it from the heat, place a piece of ham on each pork slice a half slice of Swiss. Smack a couple together like you would grilled cheese. Put them back on the griddle for a minute and flip. You could stop right there and just eat it, it would be a pretty tasty grilled cheese, but we really enjoyed the crunch of the cabbage and onions. I had mustard and May came up with a mayo/mustard concoction that she enjoyed.


So good that I got 2 bites in before thinking about a picture!


Yes, it was tasty enough to get camera happy!

If you have given up grains for any reason, I hope that this recipe helps you to have your sandwich and eat it too.

It doesn’t have to be limited to left over pork loin. Sliced turkey, ham, and chicken make great toast for grilled cheese.


Today I leave you with a picture of a wee chicken egg Michael brought in the other day. It’s half the size of our normal chicken eggs, but it made me smile. I loved it so much that he took a picture for me. Funny how when you feel good you have a new appreciation of life and all its wonders great or small.


Isn’t it the cutest thing? There is nothing more refreshing than to breath in the fresh air while gathering breakfast 🙂






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