Oh how I love my Vibrams!


These were my Vibrams, brand spankin’ new, December 18, 2011.

I’d never been one to follow trend or fashion, so what on earth possessed me to purchase such odd shoes? I had been reading on Mark’s Daily Apple about how to  strengthen my still somewhat fat feet even after a 40 pound loss, when I clicked on a link to see what exactly those trusty shoes for long hikes looked like.

There are a lot of different types now, but when I got the first ones, they were either open where the mesh is or Vibram FiveFinger KSO


I don’t have many before pics, especially where my fat feet were concerned. These were my feet in October 2011. I had lost 40 pounds, but I still had problems with diabetes and fat swollen feet by default.


I didn’t have my KSO’s when we went to Cancun with Michael’s parents. If I had them, I would have been able to avoid the crazy sand toes, maybe. I have learned that while KSOs keep a lot of stuff out, they do not keep out water, pig slobber, or the wet part of mud. Even with that small flaw, I love them. I am a true believer that my Vibrams changed my feet forever.



This is my foot today. I wear my Vibrams almost daily, yes, even in the rain.


When you compare the ankle in the top picture to the ankle on the left, you will see that I no longer have cankles. I do not take any special faerie dust or snake oil, I do not have any super special spot reduction exercise, heck, I didn’t even start walking as exercise until 2 weeks ago!

I will tell you what I do have, I have a pair of Vibrams that I wear everywhere. These shoes really are really a great option to those other exercise type shoes, you know the ones that got recalled a while back because they didn’t work? These things do work, but they only work if you work with them.


The first thing I would advise about purchasing your first pair of Vibrams is check out their website, not just the link above with lady shoes, but the one about how to find your size. Vibrams are not the same as regular shoes. My first pair is a size 41, my new ones are 42 so that I can wear my handy toe socks in the winter time.


My toe socks and Bella. She couldn’t resist getting in on the action. My photographer was watching a movie so this is what happens when left to my own devices, even with the good camera…

Next, click on Education at the Vibrams site. They used to have step by step photos on how to put them on. Those came in handy back in October of 2011. Once I read all I could on their site, I had the confidence I needed to walk into  Sports Season at the mall and get them.

I was nervous when the young guy walked up to us. When I told him what I wanted he said “You run?” with a look on his face that questioned even the possibility!


A helpful photo on how to prepare your feet for your new Vibrams. My toes were so squished from tight shoes, this helped.

What could I say, of course I don’t run? I said what any sane woman who was looking into strengthening her feet would say… “No, I don’t run, I sprint.” Since I had actually sprinted on the beach in Cancun beneath the moon light that one time, it wasn’t completely untrue. My Vibrams though were gonna change all that though.

The first day I wore my Vibrams grocery shopping. I had forgotten the whole “transition takes time”.


Don’t forget the other foot!

When you get them, wear them around the house for a little while. Don’t over do it. You will be tempted to over do it as I was, but I’m trying to prevent you from going through the burning calves and sore feet and the overall hatred and avoidance of uncomfortable shoes.

I can honestly say that my Vibrams are my most comfortable shoes now and for quite a while really. There was a time in the beginning when I hated them. They made my legs hurt. In hind sight, I made my legs hurt because I over did it. All it took was my husband saying “I can’t believe you paid $49.00 for a pair of shoes and only wore them one time!”. That made me mad enough to forget the hatred and give them another chance.


Once you get your toes in, just pull the pull ring. Even Bella loves Vibrams!

You may be wondering “What happens if my feet sweat?” Well, my feet sweat sometimes too. Vibrams (at least the styles I’ve purchased) are machine washable. Sometimes if I don’t have time to wash them, I put baking soda in them over night and dump it out the next morning.

“What does it feel like if you walk on gravel or something?” I was quite tender-footed. At first, I felt everything. Either I am less tender or just don’t notice it much anymore, but yea, if you step on something pokey, you will feel it. Just don’t step on pokey stuff 🙂

“How do they hold up?” Darned good I’d say. I’ve washed the blue ones over a hundred times.


The old ones today. I wear them everywhere. I wash them when they get dirty. After over 100 washes the logo in the strap area fell off, that’s it. (I let them air dry)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that for me, Vibrams changed my life. They didn’t make me run out and do marathons or start taking a spinning class, nothing like that. What they did do was cause my feet to walk in a way that changed my feet, ankles, and calves for the better, just by wearing them while doing everyday tasks.


When your feet are happy, your whole body is happy. These are my happy feet.


These are the new ones I got when I lost 75 pounds. It was pretty awesome that the young guys at the shoe shop didn’t even ask me “Are you a runner?”. This time the guy at the store said “I’m sorry, we’re out of those, but I can give you the pink ones for the same price to make it up.” What do you think I said? lol

I leave you today with a picture of what happened to my blue Vibrams the day after the grocery trip…


Lovely was 2 and figured if I wasn’t gonna wear them, she was!


6 thoughts on “Oh how I love my Vibrams!

  1. I bought the merrell mary jane version with no toes last year and love love love them. they’ve now discontinued them so I think I’m going to have to switch to KSOs. I tried to get a pair on at a local store and was not successful, thanks for the link to the fitting and putting on instructions, perhaps that’ll make a difference…

  2. Wow…I went to the website and now I’m overwhelmed! I’m a person that HATES to wear shoes and my poor feet are feeling kinda claustrophobic looking at the Vibrams! What style would you recommend for a person that doesn’t even like the feel of socks on her feet? 🙂

    • Once I got used to them, I liked them better than normal shoes, even sandals. They feel more like gloves than shoes, you can still wiggle your toes like you would fingers in work gloves. The KSO are the only kind I have bought, I like them because they are enclosed with the mesh, and they really do a good job keeping non liquids out. For your personal preference, I would recommend trying on a couple different styles. The Sports Season I went to didn’t have much of a selection in the women’s styles, they only had the KSO at the time, so I was limited to just choosing color. They had a couple different styles last time, but these already had my heart. They are nothing like being barefoot, but they are closer feeling to barefoot than socks or shoes, if that makes an sense at all.

  3. So you wear them in public? Lol! What kind of looks do you get? Thanks for the info; I’m definitely going to check them out! And your feet? Wow! What a difference!

    • Yep! I even wear them on romantic dinner dates with my husband. I wear them with yoga pants, blue jeans, dress pants, shorts, and capris. I would wear them with a dress if I actually wore dresses. In 2011 I got odd looks and lots of questions, my daughter would say “Are you going to wear shoes this time?” when ever we went anywhere. Some kid at school got some this year so she doesn’t think I’m such a dork anymore.

      Lately when someone says something they say “Hey, you like your Vibrams” or “Dude, I saw those on MDA”. Thanks 🙂 Seriously, the feet owe it all to the Vibrams. I’ve never been one who “exercises”, so I just wore them everywhere I went and parked in the furthermost parking spot, that’s it. I hope you get a chance to try some out. Make sure not to overdo it your first day, work your way up in wearing time and you will love them. Your feet will love you for it!

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