It’s the pedometer’s fault…


Denguins? I dunno, they were an odd couple hanging out at the football field during our walk.


I’ve never been one to walk without destination. Sure, I park in the further most parking spot when I go shopping, but treadmills and walking trails have never really been my thing.

Today my daughter and I went walking. It was our second walk this week. It’s funny how Tuesday we focused on just getting it over with, but today we had fun. I tried to get her to walk like an Egyptian, but she just said I was crazy and sped away.


I took this pic and then had to sprint to catch up with her. It’s crazy, 2 years ago I would never have typed the word sprint, much less done the actual deed.


Out of 12 attempts at feet pictures I got her feet once. She’s a better photographer than me!


I had to get the actual walking feet because we are walking newbies. Not to be confused with the walking dead. They are zombies. They eat brains and probably also take better pictures than me.


Bam! I figured it out, stop to take the feet picture. Ok, I still managed to mess that one up!

There were a lot of robins hanging out. They must have been vampire robins because none of them showed up in my phone gallery…



These are my old Vibrams. I got them when I lost 50 pounds. They were on sale for $49.00 and it made perfect sense. The first couple weeks they were quite awkward, but I never gave up on them. I would like to thank them for the loss of my “cankles”. I have a new pair that I got at the 75 pound mark. I don’t like to get them dirty 🙂


“C’mon, lemme take your picture!”

I had to break out my ninja skills to get some good shots. You know just walk normal and click, click. Then there’s always the “No, I’m not taking your picture, I’m checking my facebook”…


Ninja shot. Just walking normal, had the phone in my hand, click. fail lol

We laughed the whole time. People were probably staring when “flash mom” broke out. (That’s what she calls me when I break out in spontaneous , uncoordinated dance with or without walking)


“Look, I can get a pic of us both!”


Another ninja pic. This time “I was checking facebook”


The weeds were blooming.


The last ninja pick. I guess the 3rd time was charmed!


I got a pedometer a couple weeks ago and have been counting my steps for a friend for Ankylosing spondylitis. I can’t thank her enough for inviting us to walk to help, because I think the whole pedometer thing has really been more helpful to us.

We looked at the pictures when we got in the car to leave. We laughed some more and went home to fix left overs for dinner. It turned out super yummy, so maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime 🙂


I leave you with a way back picture from the winter of 1969…


That’s my mom and me when I was a wee little baby. (Ok, I weighed 8# 10.5oz at birth) A lot has changed since then. I’m a little taller and did eventually grow hair. My mom still looks the same.


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