Through the eyes of a child

Zombies are every where, at least on TV, even saw part of a show where people are actually prepping for the “zombie apocalypse”. Surely it’s all in fun, at least I hope it’s all in fun.

Speaking of fun, the grandbabies love hanging with Peapaw and they like zombie shows. Their faces are more often covered with their little hands, peeking through their fingers when a commercial comes on and Peapaw says “I need brains, arrrgh”. Lovely laughs, it’s all in good fun, “Ok Peapaw” as she tilts her head and Peapaw makes funny brain munching noises. “I need more brains…arrrrgh” says Peapaw.

Thinking fast, Diamond offers up my brain instead, “Eat Memaw’s brain Peapaw!” she says as she’s laughing. “I don’t want Memaw brains, I want baby brains” he tells her as he starts the brain munching noises. “Kid’s don’t have brains Peapaw, kids just got imaginations”

Through the eyes of a child we see this imagination at work. Whether they are practicing with their foam swords to be gladiators, or hanging in the tub with their moxie girls, they are always using their imagination. For that moment in time they are who ever they want to be, they can accomplish great things because in their imagination they can do anything.

It’s been pretty cold this week, with snow flurries a few days, so we’ve stayed indoors for the most part. With imagination though, indoors can be fun too. A kitchen can be transformed to a yard covered in snow, without even having to put one’s coat on. Diamond showed me this as I was cutting strawberries the other day.

“I got you Memaw!” she said as I turned around to see how I’d been got. Lovely burst into laughter and said “Yeah Memaw, she throwed a big one! It’s all on you!” I look over at Diamond and she has her arm in the air with her imagination in her hand as she launches another attack. Lovely bends over to get her imagination off the floor right as I’m being “got” again. “SNOWBALLLLLL FIGHTTTT!!! C’mon Memaw, throw one at her!”

We stood in the kitchen, totally forgetting the strawberry snack and threw our imaginations all over the place. We jerked as the imaginary snowballs hit us one after the other until they got me with the big one. We piled up in the floor and laughed and giggled and talked about how we were going to have another snowball fight later.

A funny thing happened during that snowball fight. I totally forgot about my brain. I didn’t think about all the things that needed doing like laundry or vacuuming, just lived in the moment with my two oldest grand babies, using our imagination and having a good time.

Imagination is a super power of sorts. It lets us be who we want to be, do what we want to do, without the burden of our brain telling us “You can’t do that” or “that’s impossible”. Imagination makes the improbable a possibility.

You may be wondering just what imagination has to do with weight loss and controlling blood sugar. In a word, everything. Imagination can often motivate us to use our brain when making better food choices.

Imagination gives us a glimpse into what could be. Imagination can also be the inspiration we need to stick to it when we think we can’t do any more.

It is inevitable that at some point in our journey to our healthier selves we will be faced with temptation, frustration, or weakness. When we hit those obstacles we have a choice to give in, give up, or overcome. If we use our brain we may think “It doesn’t matter, I’ve done everything right, but I’ve only gotten this far”.

If we instead use our imagination, we see the endless possibilities that continuing to do everything right brings. Imagining ourselves fit and healthy can often be the strength we need to just say no, or make it though the day. When we get that glimpse of what could be,  we dig deeper, we try harder, and we don’t let anyone or any food stand in our way.

Imagine where you want to be a year from now. See in your mind’s eye the person you want to be. Use your brain to get all the information you need to make it happen and just do it. It won’t always be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will always be a step in the right direction.

I leave you today with a picture of imagination at work. It looks like just a couple of kids having fun, but to them it is an arena with a great crowd cheering as Sparacus takes down the “Shadow of Death, Theokoles” right before the clouds opened and the rains came down.


With a little imagination we can be what ever we want to be. They aren’t always gladiators in an arena, sometimes they are zombie hunters or dragon slayers. What ever they are at any given time though, they are laughing.






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