Good intentions

Yesterday I talked about goals, and that as Type 2 Diabetics we have a bit of an advantage by having more important matters than just weight loss. We focus on working with our doctor to improve our blood sugar and as that happens, we lose weight.

We compare our food from day to day, along with our blood sugar numbers and make little changes like not having dessert or drinking water instead of soda. We start to see for ourselves that as we lower consumption of sugar, we also lower our blood sugar numbers. We lose a little weight along the way, and we are on the road to success.

The road to success is paved with good intentions. We intend to keep improving when all of a sudden, six months down the line, our hbA1c goes up, but since it was so good last time, we quit keeping our journal, we quit testing at bedtime, upon rising, prior to meals, one and two hours after meals. We had good intentions, we were doing everything right. We opted for diet over regular and only slipped up a couple of times because Aunt Mabel made them and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

I learned a hard lesson in the early part of my journey. I learned that when it comes to my diabetes and me, I’m more important. I learned if that telling someone “no thank you, I’m diabetic” hurts their feelings that they are just going to have to deal with their perception of insult.

I learned my first holiday in the driver’s seat that it’s not the food that makes the celebration, it is the gathering of friends and family, the love and the laughter, and conversation. It boils down to this, food is just fuel and there is no food on this earth that tastes better or satisfies me more than knowing when I die, it will not be from the complications of Diabetes.

I learned that Type 2 Diabetes is never really cured, it is only managed. While my hbA1c has been within normal range for going on two years, I am not cured, I am in remission. The remission is dependent on me continuing to stay on path and holding myself accountable. It is also dependent on me making the right choices, all of the time, not just most of the time.

I learned that when it comes to weight loss, I’m the turtle, not the hare. For some, weight loss comes easy, almost effortless. Sometimes weight loss happens over and over again during our life time.

We must ask ourselves this, do I want to get back to where I was and have to start all over? Or do I want to learn from my journey and maybe never get back to that point. We all have good intentions, combined with action we can stay on the right path.

I leave you today with a picture of me from August 2010. I thought I was doing good. Little did I know that 8 months after this photo, my perception of good would change and I would learn that I really wasn’t doing good, I was just getting by.

41101_462643456353_3606765_n 2

August 2010. Morbidly obese and Type 2 Diabetic.



2 thoughts on “Good intentions

  1. I agree with you. Right now I’m working on something I’ve never done, maintaining my loss. I don’t necessarily get it right all the time, but I am certain if I get it right most of the time, I’ll be ok. For the record, you hardly look like the same person now.

    • I thought maintenance would be the easy part (boy was I wrong!) Maintenance and I have an agreement with the scale, as long as she keeps her tricks within a 5 pound bounce around, we don’t tie her up with the tape measure.

      It’s been a wild ride, I never expected it, but it has changed me on the inside too. The old me was always scared of change, the new me sees adventure in change.

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