Melt in your mouth baby back ribs, no sauce required…


It’s all about that first bite. You know then and there if you need to call the pizza delivery guy or wish you’d bought that extra rack.

I’ve got a nice camera, but my phone really is my easy button. Speaking of easy, these baby back ribs are easy peasy as long as you know what to look for and how to prep it.


Choose baby back ribs that have a good amount of fat. Meat cooked in fat, preferably it’s own fat is the most tender, juicy, hunk of goodness ever. (and what fat is better than pork fat?)

A lot of hard core carnivores will tell you “Get grass fed, pastured, raise your own”, but I’ll tell you this… Get what you can afford, if you can afford grass fed or pastured, get it, it’s great. If you can afford to grow your own baby back ribs and have the space, do that. We are finding out that raising your own baby back ribs and bacon is pretty expensive even with their pasture. What ever you get, the secret is to get the ones with the most fat, let it come to room temperature and you’re ready to prep it.

Step 1

Line your cooking sheet with foil, place ribs, fat side down onto foil. Using your thumb or finger or a knife, lift up the membrane a bit, then pull. Fry the membrane up for the dog or put it in the freezer to grow more baby back ribs 🙂

Once you’ve removed the membrane you are ready to season your ribs. You can season them with anything you like. Lemon pepper or salt and pepper or any number of commercial rubs (provided they are wheat free/sugar free for me) are ok.

I prefer to use my own rub though. It is a combination of herbs and spices that I enjoy, I could give you the recipe but I’m already giving you the baby back recipe and I’m not really ready to tell all my secrets. Forgive me?


Sprinkle your ribs generously and evenly with your rub of choice. Ok, you got me, I forgot I left that can of “Slap Your Mama” in the background. (I wouldn’t recommend using a lot of that, I only use a dash in that amount of rub). Rub it in, on the top, bottom, edges, ends. (gloves are a must)

Preheat your oven to 375°. Loosely wrap your rubbed ribs. Like anything else my version of loosely may differ from yours, so I will show you.


Fold up the sides (lengthwise), making sure that the foil is not touching the meat. Scroll up to the second photo where I am actually doing that very thing if it would help. Once you have the foil up, fold it over all the way down the length.


Fold up the ends, being sure not to touch the meat with the foil. You do not need to worry about cooking spray because you purchased a fatty cut. You have therefore saved time and money.

Once you have your baby back ribs all rubbed down, loosely wrapped, and sealed, you are ready to put them in the oven. Placement is important, so put them in the middle, not too close to the top, not too close to the bottom. Close the door, and reduce the heat to 325°. It is very important to reduce the temperature because these are self basting, we will not be checking or peeking for at least 2 hours. The smells will tempt you, but you must resist. You left that air in there for a reason, and you don’t want it coming out early.

Let your ribs cook for 2 full hours at 325°. Promptly remove them from the oven. Using an oven mitt or tongs, carefully open one end a little bit to release the steam. It is the combination of the rib fat and steam that is the real secret to my recipe.


releasing the steam doesn’t make them taste better, but it does prevent burning the crap out of your hands by opening the whole thing, and who wants to eat ribs with a fork?



Wait a couple minutes after releasing the steam and carefully with tongs or mitts, open the whole thing.


I had neither sauce, nor time, so I drizzled some hoisin on them, and brushed it out with a heat resistant brushy device 🙂 Notice how the bones are sticking out now, that means you did it right. See the juices, they are better than sauce…

Leaving the foil open, put them back in the oven for about 15-20 more minutes. They truly do not need sauce, normally I like to brush them down with their own juices, but for die hard saucers, I needed a photo.


After that extra 15-20 minutes, get them out of the oven. Let them rest for 10 minutes. If you like using the bones as your utensil, slice between each bone, don’t worry if it’s not pretty the first time, you can work on presentation another time

My favorite parts are the ends. Since I cut them and usually plate them, the ends go on my plate. I’m not picky about where my third rib comes from 😉

If you chose to use sauce before putting them back in the oven, use it sparingly. Most commercial sauces are so laden with sugar and high fructose corn syrup that you can’t even taste the meat. I used 2 Tablespoons of hoisin for this entire rack, front and back.


I leave you today with a picture of me removing the membrane this afternoon. It was my lucky day because I had a nifty photographer do a nice job. She also made the chopped salad and strawberry kiwi salad to go with the baby back ribs. Thanks May!


I found a photographer who works for dinner and a dollar. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal, just have to work around her school and band schedule.



4 thoughts on “Melt in your mouth baby back ribs, no sauce required…

  1. Shannon, you are a hoot! I’m really enjoying your posts. Also! please email me 24 hours ahead of time when you are making ribs again. I’m pretty certain I can make it there from here by then. 😀

  2. This ribs look absolutely amazing, I love ribs and will definitely have to try these, If you are looking for a great beer to go with these then follow my blog for the best recommendations.

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