Way back, 2007, the year of the diagnosis

Way back, 2007, the year of the diagnosis

This was a couple of months prior to my diabetes diagnosis. I tried hard to avoid having my picture taken. This was my oldest daughter’s graduation, I was pushing 275. The funny thing was by the time I went for my doctor for a check up I had lost 25 pounds. Since I wasn’t “trying” to lose weight, he sent me for a glucose tolerance test. I wish I knew then what I know now, who am I kidding? The minute I got the results, denial hit like a ton of bricks. If someone would have told me in 2007 that I could just not eat the things that spiked my blood sugar, I wouldn’t have believed them. Besides my doc gave me a nice diabetic cookbook full of “heart healthy whole grains”. It would take nearly 4 years until mid April when a new doctor helped me to remove the blinders and get rid of the denial.


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